Ranking bike-friendly cities: Prague is last in Europe

Publikováno: 20. června. 2023, 3 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Marcelo Campi
Publikováno: 20. června. 2023, 3 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Marcelo Campi

The German digital insurance company Luko analyzed 90 metropolises worldwide to reveal cities that are bike-friendly. They created the Global Cities Index, which examines how cities approach cycling through a series of parameters. Prague performed poorly on the index, ranking 73rd alongside Detroit, Istanbul, and Cairo.

The cities were scored based on six main indicators: infrastructure, bike usage, crime and safety, bike-sharing availability, weather, and awareness-raising events such as Car-Free Day. The final results were on a scale of 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating better cities.

For the study, the German insurance company selected major global metropolises, including both „traditional cycling cities“ and lesser-known places that are improving their cycling infrastructure.

Utrecht in the Netherlands topped the ranking. The city has a high level of cycling infrastructure, and massive investment is being made into it. People on bikes make up 51% of the city’s transport. For every 100,000 cyclists, there are fewer than two fatal accidents and 79 bike thefts.

The only non-European city in the top part of the ranking is Hangzhou in China, which came in seventh place. Cities in Western Europe, in particular in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and France, scored highest in the index.

Central Europe didn't perform well

In the Central European region, Vienna scored the highest, sharing 33rd place with Paris and Munich. Warsaw ranked 59th, with Krakow from Poland in 68th place. No Hungarian or Slovak cities were included in the study.

Among European cities, with the exception of Istanbul, Prague performed the worst. In terms of cycling infrastructure, it is more on par with the Middle East, Africa, the United States, and Asia. Other European cities fared better, such as Rome (70th place), Athens (66th), Lisbon (63rd), and London (62nd). And also many cities in the USA, Australia, Santiago in Chile, and New Zealand did better.

The Czech capital scored 25.87 points. For the climate, Prague received 55.8 points, similar to Berlin (19th place). For the year-round average, cycling accounts for only 1% of all transport volume. The agency gave Prague’s cycling infrastructure a score of 56.6 points.

All results, including their methodology, can be viewed here.

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