The Nové Butovice Park and Ride facility also includes bike storage

Publikováno: 05. září. 2023, 4 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Jiří Motýl
Publikováno: 05. září. 2023, 4 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Jiří Motýl

Recently, Prague opened a new parking facility in Nové Butovice, located in Prague 13. It serves as a Park and Ride (P+R) for commuters, with some parking spaces reserved for local residents. Bicycle parking has also been taken into consideration.

The facility contains a total of 20 inverted „U“-shaped bike racks, providing parking capacity for 40 bicycles. The bike storage area is accessed through a pedestrian entrance situated on the northeast side of the parking facility. If you are arriving at the parking facility by bike from the road, the access point is not well marked from the street.

The entrance to the bike storage area is located at the northeastern corner of the parking lot, adjacent to the sidewalk between Nušlova and Petržílkova streets. To access the bike storage, you need to slightly circumvent the building with your bike. The entrance itself is well marked, including detailed instructions on how to park your bike. You need to ring the intercom at the entrance to the bike storage, and the staff will open the door for you.

The bike racks are placed within the space between parked cars. You lock your bike using your own lock. From the parking facility, it takes about 3 minutes to walk to the metro station or the bus stop.

Approaching the entrance

If you are arriving at the parking facility for the first time, the access to the bike storage is not prominently marked from any direction. Additionally, the access sidewalk to the bike storage has not been legalized for cycling, and there is no clearly recognizable ramp for entering it from the traffic flow. The main entrance to the parking facility, which theoretically could provide direct access to the bike racks without dismounting, is restricted for cyclists.

The access to the bike storage is only via the sidewalk

Interestingly, the municipal cycling plan suggests that the main route A138 should eventually pass directly by the access sidewalk to the bike storage. However, it is important to note that this aspect of the cycling plan has only been valid since the 2021-2022 updates, while the parking facility has been planned for a much longer period.

Although it might not have been possible to integrate the planned route A138 into the access sidewalk before constructing the parking facility, we were curious whether the Prague City Hall, as the investor, considered legalizing cycling on the access sidewalk to the bike storage, and what the reason for not doing so was.

When asked, the spokesperson for the City Hall, Vít Hofman, provided a somewhat evasive response to the Městem na kole editorial: „In general, in the vicinity of the parking facility, we aimed to maximize green areas. There is no bike path around the P+R Nové Butovice, so we assume that cyclists will use the road here. Cyclists will enter the parking facility through the entrance, where the staff will issue them a special ticket. The cyclist will then place the bike in the rack and lock it with their own lock.“

It’s not clear, therefore, why the access sidewalk to the bike storage was not legalized for cycling.

This article was published with the financial support of the City of Prague as part of the project ‚Cyclists Helping Each Other for Prague.‘ The project ensures continuous information about new cycling infrastructure in Prague.

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