A new tram to Dědina: Cycling infrastructure

Publikováno: 06. prosince. 2023, 5 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 05. prosince. 2023
Úvodní foto: Jiří Motýl
Publikováno: 06. prosince. 2023, 5 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 05. prosince. 2023
Úvodní foto: Jiří Motýl

Over a month ago a new tram track was opened, primarily running along Vlastina Street from Divoká Šárka to the new terminus at Dědina. Along with the construction of the tram track, the entire street underwent reconstruction, including two significant intersections at both ends. The sidewalks and cycling infrastructure were still being finalized at the time of opening, but one can already get an idea of what has been created here for cycling traffic.

According to city plans, Vlastina Street is supposed to be part of the main cycling route A160, from Evropská Avenue towards Hostivice. The planned cycling route A340 also extends into the area, with its route along Drnovská Street. However, the envisioned significance of Vlastina Street for cycling has diminished somewhat over time, as plans for the construction of the superior cycling route A6 were introduced in the meantime, which would be located slightly to the south along the railway line to Kladno.

An interesting aspect is that the tram track project on Vlastina Street was one of the city’s pilot participatory experiments in 2016. We discussed the initial proposal and comments regarding cycling extensively here at „Městem na kole“ [in Czech]. The development of the project in terms of cycling infrastructure can thus be easily compared over time. (The author of the text commented on the plans in this participatory project, editor’s note.)

The passage through the street has ultimately been addressed mostly through protective cycle lanes. In some parts of the street, cycling traffic is redirected onto sidewalks legalized for cycling. A detailed photo report from the location will be provided once all related measures are completed.

If we compare the final state with the plans that the public participated in in 2016, we see several changes. The original project did not propose any continuous cycling corridor; based on participation, pictorial corridors were supposed to be added. In the end, the street features a protective cycle lane combined with permitted cycling on the sidewalk.

Similarly, beyond the scope of the original plans, the final project included a bicycle crossing over Evropská Avenue at the western side of the intersection between Evropská and Vlastina. The connection to Evropská was not planned before. Unfortunately, the new bicycle crossing currently leads nowhere; it essentially ends at the roadside.

What has almost not changed is the western connection of Vlastina to Drnovská. The routing of cycling traffic here remains as was planned in the accompanying project. When cycling from the city center, it is necessary to cross the intersection in the direction of the Central Bohemian Region. The planned construction of a parking garage will likely not take into account the possible route of the A340 cycling path.

As is evident, the tram track project has a long history and has undergone significant development. The original proposal, which almost lacked provisions for cycling, underwent minor adjustments in 2016 after public participation, with the addition of pictorial corridors. In contrast, the final state introduced protective cycle lanes and sidewalks legalized for cycling. Is this sufficient for the given location, considering the entire street was reconstructed? What other problematic areas persist? Certainly, opinion pieces addressing these issues will be published gradually on „Městem na kole“.

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