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How to use 30 km/h zones: Examples from the Czech Republic

The majority of roads in cities are service and residential streets where traffic calming measures are necessary. There is no…

15. září. 2023, 14min. čtení

Traffic calming: School streets in Prague

Why is it appropriate to calm traffic around schools? How is it done in other countries, what can Czech cities,…

15. září. 2023, 18min. čtení

Low Emission Zones in Europe and the Czech Republic: A Comprehensive Overview

Low emission zones have been booming in Europe in recent years, with over 300 cities currently implementing them. How do…

11. září. 2023, 22min. čtení

A survey revealed that one-fifth of Prague 1 residents would ride bicycles if conditions were better

A sociological survey of Prague 1 residents conducted by PAQ Research agency revealed that the majority of residents would support…

08. srpna. 2023, 3min. čtení

Development of cycling infrastructure in Prague from 2010-2022

The deficit of cycling infrastructure in Prague is desperate even after twenty years of efforts. The progress in reducing it…

08. srpna. 2023, 7min. čtení

Prague’s active mobility strategy and standards for non-motorized infrastructure

The active mobility strategy in Prague is the main strategic document of the City of Prague in the field of…

29. června. 2023, 10min. čtení

The first cycling path in the Czech lands was opened more than 120 years ago

The first cycling paths in Europe were established at the turn of the 19th and 20th century, as interest in…

11. května. 2023, 13min. čtení

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