Městem na kole (City by Bike) is an online magazine about urban cycling in Czechia, for everyone. You will learn about the latest news from the world of urban cycling in the world, Czech Republic and Prague. Our goal is to popularize bicycle transport and expand the discussion on sustainable transport in our country.

We also provide detailed cycling maps with an automatic routing engine. They are the only maps in the country providing complex informations about the bike infrastructure – they include bike paths, bike lanes (of multiple types) and all other infrastructure you need for urban cycling. We will give you all the advice you need about riding around town.

Our story

Prahou na kole (Prague By Bike) was founded by three enthusiastic cyclists in 2008 as an independent website on the basis of the existing Prague Cycle Map. The website first focused on news about urban cycling and cycling advocacy in Prague. The later development of the website was supported by the NGO AutoMat together with private donors and partially by the Prague Municipality. Our project dealing with dangerous spots, named Cyklisté sobě (Cyclists for themselves), was moved to its own website in 2014.

In 2021, Prahou na kole was transformed into Městem na kole (City by Bike). It thus became a news website covering news and good examples throughout the whole country.

Contact us

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Městem na kole is supported by AutoMat, a Czech NGO that promotes a better environment for a good-quality of life in the city.

Please consider that we do not provide individual advice for trips or recreational cycling. In case of specific interest for biking to work or to school, we may provide contacts to members of the local urban cycling community.