Maps & Routing

Different supports can be used to find your fastest and safest way.

Our Online Cycle Map

Since 2005, hundreds of cyclists have contributed to this map. The core of Prahou na kole is based on OpenStreetMap and on the direct participation of any and all cyclists that want to contribute. The map works online and can be used on mobile phones as well. More layers can be found on the online map:

The Standard Map
The Route Planner
The Winter Map (shows winter hotspots)
the Improvements Map (shows zones that need to be improved)


Further maps:

For a detailed description, see the dedicated page How to use the Map.

The Route Planner on the Web

Find the safest or fastest route from A to B

The new bike map and search route engine were implemented in 2011-12 with the financial support of the City of Prague. You can find the shortest and safest route from departure to arrival.


Printed maps

The City of Prague published a cycling map printed on a scale 1:25 000. The map is available for free in information centers. The last update was in 2018. Older issues were on a scale 1:35 000.


Private publishers are providing printed maps focused on recreational cycling around Prague, usually with a scale 1:50,000 or 1:60,000. They can be bought at bookstores.

Marked bike paths

There are roughly 500 kilometers of cycle ways around Prague (only around 185 km are somehow protected). Marked trails exist mainly outside the city center where you can go mostly straight and without major problems or obstacles. See our page about Prague route system to get a basic overview.


Prague cycling route signs.

International routes

You can find a lot of information about international cycling routes through Prague on the web. See our page about Prague route system to get a basic overview.


EuroVelo 4 sign.

Routes on request

You can ask us to advise you on a recommended route. We can also find a companion who will come along with you to show you the best way to commute*.
*) only for trips to school or to work. We do not provide advice about leisure trips.