How to use our cycle map?


Basic map legend in English


Main Legend Signs Explanation

  • Heavy traffic. The darker the color, the heavier motorized traffic is.
  • Light traffic. Mainly local streets.
  • No traffic. No motor vehicles: bike paths, pedestrian zones allowed for cyclists, forest roads…
  • Unpaved, slightly uneven surface. The dashed line indicates paved roads with low quality surface (usually with cobblestones), unpaved bike trails, rutted but fairly straight tracks, or bumpy asphalt roads.
  • Very uneven surface. Very rough roads, on which only mountain bikes can keep a good cycling pace.
  • Marked trail. Marked bike trails on the ground.
  • Lanes, picto-corridor, dedicated lanes. Individual types of lanes for cyclists that can be different one from another. This includes especially reserved lanes for buses, taxis and bikes.
  • One-way traffic. The majority of local streets in the center of Prague are one way (in order to obtain a larger number of parking spaces). One way streets are indicated with a blue arrow.
  • Cycle contraflow. One way streets, where cyclists are allowed to go contraflow, are labeled with a second arrow (a purple, next to the blue one).
  • Steep descent and ascent. A simple arrow tip means a significant climb. A double arrow tip means an uphill slope over 10%.
  • Routes in one direction. A small yellow arrow inside line routes indicates one way only.
  • Sidewalks and quiet streets. Very narrow roads are indicated in yellow. Wide walkways may be labeled like cycling, but with yellow or gray. Convenient pedestrian only routes are marked in light purple.
  • Dangerous places. Dangerous places are mainly high risk spots that can be overcome only with the utmost caution and are almost impassable for children (even accompanied) or cyclists inexperienced with riding in traffic. Dangerous place are usually crossing routes with expressways or roads with a very fast and heavy traffic. They can also be extremely messy places, have dangerous descents or other atypical threats.

Additional maps

The map offers a number of specific additional maps:


Additional maps selection at

The Aerial Map (Satelitní mapa Google). This satellite display mode shows aerial photos. This mode offers two more zoom levels compared to other maps.

The Map closures (Mapa uzavírek). This mode displays only closures and over aerial photographs are clearly visible.

The Winter Map (Zimní údržba). This mode indicates winter streets and roads conditions.

The Improvement map (Cykloopatření). This mode is designed to present suggestions to improve conditions for cycling. The map works together with Cyklisté sobě pages.

The Heatmap (Dopravní heatmapa). Do Prace Na Kole (Bike to Work) is a friendly annual competition to promote cycling to work. Thousands of cyclists take part to the competition each year (more information about DPNK). The Heatmap shows routes taken by cyclists using GPS to go to work. Routes are anonymized and trimmed at the beginning and at the end. The Heatmap gives a good representation of the main routes used by cyclists and is an important basis for traffic analysis.

The Rekola Map. This mode shows the position of the shared bikes of Rekola. Note: Due to the fact that bike locations are always changing, this mode is currently not available.

Other technical maps are available. Contact us for more information.

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