Czech and Prague Cycle Route Systems

Czech Cycle Route Systems

Cycle routes in Czechia are marked in two different formats. Firstly, the tourist trail-like cycle routes are marked by the Klub českých turistů (Czech Tourist Club) using special tourist markings that resemble the Czech hiking trail marks, but with yellow stripes instead of white. Secondly, cycle routes on regular roads, cycle paths, or paved surfaces are typically indicated by yellow traffic signs displaying the cycle route number and nearest directions along with distances.

The Czech cycle route system consists of backbone, long-distance, and connecting cycle routes that cover the entire territory of the Czech Republic. These cycle routes are further complemented by various local interest routes and circuits, as well as trails for mountain biking. Czechia is also crossed by four international EuroVelo cycle routes (4, 7, 9, 13).

Many of these cycle routes pass through individual cities, providing a useful navigational tool within urban areas as well. Some cities have also chosen to implement their own navigational systems. For instance, Prague has introduced a numbered cycle route system from A1 to A499, which, within the capital city’s territory, replaces even the numbering of the nationwide cycle route system.

Prague Cycle Route System

There is a system consisting of numerous cycle paths operating in and around Prague, labeled A1-A499. The planned length of the entire system exceeds one thousand kilometers, more than a third of which is finished.

Routes are marked with directional arrows and yellow signs, but their monitoring requires some attention and exercise. These cycle routes are not always the shortest way but they usually provide relatively quiet and comfortable streets. They are often marked on cycle paths.

The main backbone routes are A1 and A2, along the Vltava river. Outside the center, they are largely exclusive cycle paths. They are connected to secondary routes (A11-A27) that in many cases are lead by major Vltava streams:

  • A12 Prokop valley
  • A17 Šárecký stream
  • A21 Modřany – Písnice
  • A22 Braník – Krč – Grove
  • A23 Botič
  • A26 Rokytka

Other secondary roads are roughly parallel to the Vltava (A31-34, A41-44), but they are still marked only in short stretches. The whole city surrounds the circular route A50, signposted for the most part as far as the route KCT 8100.

International and national routes

Prague is also crossed by several national routes, greenways as well as the pan-European EuroVelo 4 and 7. Some routes are not yet labelled in Prague, so you have to keep with main local routes:

  • For the EV 4 from Southwest (and national route #3), keep on the A1 route from Radotín along the Berounka river and the Vltava’s left bank, switch to the A12 on Barrandovský bridge and get to the city centre by the right bank of Vltava, by route A2.
  • For the EV 4 from Northeast (and national route #17), keep on route A26 through Horní Počernice, Černý Most, Hloubětín and then along the Rokytka stream to Libeň. After reaching the Vltava, switch to A2 through Karlín to the city centre.
  • For the EV 7 from North (Vltava route, also national route #7), use route A2.
  • For the EV 7 from Southeast and Greenway Praha – Wien (also national route #11), use route A23 behind Újezd and then short segments of routes A216 and A21 to Háje (C line end station), switch to A22 to Chodov, Krč and Braník, and then A2 to the city centre (or A12 to Jihozápadní město, where Greenway Praha – Wien officially ends).

In the city centre, even local routes are not continuously marked, so to ride along the Vltava is the easiest way to keep with the right riverbank. Don’t be shy to ride with traffic when riding is prohibited on sidewalks.

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