Bikesharing in Prague

Even though the city of Prague does not have its own public bikesharing system, there are other easy ways how to rent a bicycle in Prague. The most common and the easiest one is a private bikesharing system called Rekola. But of course you can find also other regular rental services such as Nextbike, with electric scooters, Lime or Re.volt. The companies are mainly focusing on serving the broader city center and the densest areas of the city.

In winter, bikesharing options are considerably limited compared to summer, spring and autumn.

Rekola Bikesharing

If you want to ride a bicycle in the city center occasionally and not worry about maintenance, try Rekola. It’s a Czech bikesharing company, providing more than 1000 pink bicycles spread around the city (as of 2020). The shortest subscription is for one hour and costs a bit more than €1. First 15 minutes are for free. You can also choose one year subscription.

The only thing you need is a smartphone with iOS or Android and a credit/debit card. Rekola system does not have classical docking stations – you need an internet connection to see the bikes on a map and to be able to rent them. In the city center, you don’t have to return them to special stations – but just in the pink zone, which is marked on the map.

Rekola bikes parked next to the Main train station

How it works?

  1. Download an app, sign up and choose your subscription plan.
  2. Locate the nearest bike on the map.
  3. Scan the QR code with your phone
  4. The app will give you a code for the lock.
  5. Unlock the bike and enjoy the ride
  6. When you are finished, return the bike anywhere within the zone. Lock the bike in a bicycle stand or to any fixed point.


Lime scooters, Nextbike and Rekola bicycles on the Old Town Square bike stands

Nextbike bike sharing started operation in Prague in 2020. 800 blue bikes are spread in the city center and even some outer parts of the city. They all have derailleur, small storage space and even a GPS. They’re heavier than Rekola bikes. First 20 minutes of the ride cost 24 CZK (0.9 €).

How it works?

  1. You need to download the Nextbike app first.
  2. Then you need to find the bike and and scan its QR code. The bike automatically opens and you can enjoy the ride.
  3. You need to return the bike to a virtual station, if not, you’ll be charged extra money. In the end of the ride, make sure you parked the bike correctly (it does not hinder other pedestrians or cyclists) and pull the lock down.


American bikesharing company Lime is operating fleet of more circa 200 electric scooters in Prague. They are available in the broader center of Prague since autumn 2018. Company charges 25 CZK (1 €) for unlocking and then 2 CZK (15 cents) per minute. To rent a scooter you need to download Lime app. The scooters don’t have suspension system, so they are not a good choice for cobbled roads.

Lime scooters being transported by e-bike


National Museum bike stands – Re.volt, Nextbike and Rekola (from the left)

In 2020, the Czech company Re.volt started operating around 500 yellow electric scooters in Prague. Compared to Lime scooters, they are adapted to Prague cobbled surfaces. An English version of the app isn’t provided.


Regular rental services

Do you need to rent a bicycle for a longer period? Or a special kind of bicycle, not the bikesharing-kind-of citybike? There are many regular rental services where you can rent a bike and/or cycling equipment.

Just few examples: