Intersection of Veletržní and Bubenská with new bike lanes

Publikováno: 21. září. 2023, 3 min. čtení
Publikováno: 21. září. 2023, 3 min. čtení

Prague has renovated the intersection of Bubenská and Veletržní Streets in Holešovice. Non-structural modifications involving bike lanes, crossings, and bike parking have improved conditions for cycling.

On Veletržní Street, advisory bike lanes have been added over a length of 200 meters, leading to the intersection with Bubenská. This means that for the first time since the first bike lane initiative was launched 10 years ago in this area, you can ride along Veletržní Street in a continuous bike lane in both directions. Additionally, a new bike and motorcycle parking area without stands has been created on the street.

In Bubenská Street, the uncomfortable maneuver of switching to the left lane before the intersection with Veletržní has been eliminated. This was previously necessary if someone on a bike wanted to continue straight towards the city center. Now, it is possible to proceed straight from the right lane. Furthermore, a non-dedicated bike lane has been added in the direction of the city center.

New advanced bike waiting areas have been added at all arms of the traffic light-controlled intersection for cyclists.

Contactless crossing on Bubenská

A noteworthy feature on Bubenská Street is the new indirect turnoff for the cycling and pedestrian link between Letná and Holešovice. It is set to open this autumn. A small island and a signaled crossing have been created, allowing for the safe crossing of Bubenská Street. When crossing on a bike, there’s no need to press a button; there’s an automatic detector that activates the traffic light on its own. In case it doesn’t work, a contactless button is also available.

Better conditions for everyone

The modifications have definitely not only benefited cyclists. At the Janovského and Veletržní intersection, a pedestrian crossing with an island has been added, and the use of posts has improved visibility before crossings. Both the crossing over Veletržní and Bubenská have been shortened by 2 meters. In addition, approximately 10 parking spaces for supply vehicles have been added to the street.

However, the new horizontal markings have, for the time being, been done by repainting the original markings. There have been numerous changes in the area, making it somewhat challenging for people to orient themselves on the markings, as per the experiences of the editorial team and feedback from the public.

This article was published with the financial support of the City of Prague as part of the „Cyclists for Prague“ project. The project ensures ongoing information about new cycling infrastructure in Prague.

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