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Prague 1 wants to ban shared e-scooters from the city center

At its meeting last week the City Council of the first municipal district decided that the district should take steps…

26. září. 2023, 5min. čtení

Climbing to Strahov: a bicycle lane has been added on Na Hřebenkách Street

On Na Hřebenkách Street, which is part of the ascent to Prague’s Strahov hill, an advisory bike lane has been…

24. září. 2023, 2min. čtení

Pardubice marked a bike lane on a portion of 17. listopadu Street

After years of hesitation, Pardubice has finally marked a bike lane, at least on a portion of 17. listopadu Street…

23. září. 2023, 3min. čtení

In Prague-Radotín a new footbridge along the railway track has been opened

In Prague’s Radotín a new footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists has been opened, allowing people to avoid the busy Výpadová…

22. září. 2023, 3min. čtení

Intersection of Veletržní and Bubenská with new bike lanes

Prague has renovated the intersection of Bubenská and Veletržní Streets in Holešovice. Non-structural modifications involving bike lanes, crossings, and bike…

21. září. 2023, 3min. čtení

What are the city districts planning: Prague 22

Since the municipal elections almost a year has passed, and we are asking the Prague councilors for transportation from Prague…

20. září. 2023, 5min. čtení

The „Koloběžka“ action by the Prague City Police registered over a thousand violations

The Prague City Police executed the „Koloběžka“ operation last week from Thursday to Sunday. During this safety initiative, officers focused…

18. září. 2023, 4min. čtení

With the new school year, Prague is seeing a boom in school zones. Where have they been established?

The new school year is approaching, bringing with it the topic of school safety. The city is responding to the…

17. září. 2023, 6min. čtení
Analysis, Inspiration,

How to use 30 km/h zones: Examples from the Czech Republic

The majority of roads in cities are service and residential streets where traffic calming measures are necessary. There is no…

15. září. 2023, 14min. čtení

Traffic calming: School streets in Prague

Why is it appropriate to calm traffic around schools? How is it done in other countries, what can Czech cities,…

15. září. 2023, 18min. čtení

Low Emission Zones in Europe and the Czech Republic: A Comprehensive Overview

Low emission zones have been booming in Europe in recent years, with over 300 cities currently implementing them. How do…

11. září. 2023, 22min. čtení
News, Opinion,

The tram to Libuš: Street reconstruction has worsened conditions for cycling

At the end of May 2023, Prague completed the tram track to Libuš. This included the reconstruction of the street…

09. září. 2023, 6min. čtení

Ústí’s Schrödinger cycle lane: what will happen with it after the reconstruction?

In the Spring of this year, the NGO „Ústím na kole“ drew attention with its photography of an unintentional pop-up…

08. září. 2023, 3min. čtení

The Nové Butovice Park and Ride facility also includes bike storage

Recently, Prague opened a new parking facility in Nové Butovice, located in Prague 13. It serves as a Park and…

05. září. 2023, 4min. čtení

What are the city districts planning: Prague 17

It’s been over six months since the municipal elections, and we are asking the representatives for transportation from Prague 1…

02. září. 2023, 4min. čtení

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