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Contraflow bike lanes across Europe: Low-hanging fruit for the picking

One of the indicators of a city’s or country’s friendliness towards cycling is the number of one-way streets that can…

21. února. 2024, 7min. čtení

The reconstruction of the Barrandov Bridge continues in 2024

With the spring construction season comes another intense phase of the Barrandov Bridge reconstruction. From the perspective of car drivers,…

20. února. 2024, 3min. čtení

Otrokovice enters the Hall of Fame of „Bike to Work“ for the second time

Otrokovice has entered the „Hall of Fame“ of the Bike to Work campaign for the second time. Representatives of the…

19. února. 2024, 4min. čtení
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How to safely pass a Viennese tram/bike stop

Since last Autumn there has been a second Viennese tram/bike stop in Czechia. Coincidentally, both are located in Prague, one…

18. února. 2024, 10min. čtení

Seven kilometers of legalized sidewalks along Průmyslová Street in Prague

The city has legalized a total of seven kilometers of sidewalks for cycling along a three-kilometer section of Průmyslová Street.…

17. února. 2024, 2min. čtení

In Modřany Prague 12 straightened the cycle route using a contraflow bike lane and a path

The city district of Prague 12 marked a contraflow bike lane on Mezihorská Street and a path for pedestrians and…

16. února. 2024, 1min. čtení

Benešov will add shared bikes and bike racks

In 2024, Benešov is planning to further enhance sustainable transportation methods. It’s increasing the budget for public transportation, promoting walking,…

15. února. 2024, 3min. čtení

Brno will repair the sidewalk along Kníničská, but even after seven years the cyclepath will not be

This year, Brno plans to repair the surface of the sidewalk along Kníničská Street from Billa in Stránská Street to…

14. února. 2024, 4min. čtení

How many cyclepaths and bike lanes did the year 2023 bring to Prague?

In 2023, the capital city continued to improve its cycling infrastructure. Kilometers of paths for pedestrians and cyclists were created,…

13. února. 2024, 9min. čtení

Along the Mlýnský stream in Olomouc, a promenade for pedestrians and cyclists will be created

A promenade for pedestrians and cyclists, a relaxation zone, and a water park will be created on the new waterfront…

12. února. 2024, 5min. čtení
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How does the Prague bike program for schools work?

In 2021 we reported on the municipal program offering schools the opportunity to establish bicycle racks or bike storage facilities.…

11. února. 2024, 7min. čtení

Nymburk will build a bike tower at the train station

The city of Nymburk is preparing to select a contractor for the construction of an automatic bike parking facility at…

10. února. 2024, 2min. čtení

Brno presented an analysis of shared bicycle usage

The Transport Department of the Brno City Municipality has prepared a clear presentation of the analyses regarding the use of…

09. února. 2024, 4min. čtení

The PID Lítačka app now also includes cycling routes

The official mobile application PID Lítačka for planning public transport journeys in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region has introduced…

08. února. 2024, 7min. čtení
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A Dutch woman’s journey to an e-cargobike in Prague – sharing the joy

Over two years ago I moved to Prague for some new inspiration in my life. I’m enjoying the country and…

06. února. 2024, 27min. čtení3

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