Where can you rent a cargo bike in Czechia?

The popularity of cargo bikes, also known as „cargobikes,“ is on the rise. There are now more options to rent…

28. října. 2023, 5min. čtení

Founder of Rekola, Vítek Ježek: „I had the need for Prague to have bikesharing“

Rekola, the company operating bike-sharing systems in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is celebrating its 10th anniversary since its first…

14. října. 2023, 33min. čtení
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YIM.BA: Big Win for Bratislava. Cycle lanes on the embankment prove their significance

It has been a week (the original article was written at the beginning of september, red. note) since the cycle…

06. října. 2023, 13min. čtení
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How to use 30 km/h zones: Examples from the Czech Republic

The majority of roads in cities are service and residential streets where traffic calming measures are necessary. There is no…

15. září. 2023, 14min. čtení

Jakub from DUBA Joinery: A cargo bike as a comfortable means of transportation

Cargo bikes are still very rarely seen in Czechia. In Prague you will find them mainly among couriers and delivery…

27. srpna. 2023, 11min. čtení

How far can you get on a bike within 15 minutes from the metro stations?

The Prague Integrated Transport system has introduced a map showing how far people can get within 15 minutes from metro…

11. července. 2023, 3min. čtení

„We’re fighting against white vans,“ says founder of Czech manufacturer of cargo bikes, Cargio

Cargio began operating in the Fall of 2020. This Ostrava-based startup produces cargo bikes, which are currently aimed primarily at…

20. května. 2023, 10min. čtení

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