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8 steps to organizing a School Bike Bus

Enumerating the advantages of cycling to school here would probably be preaching to the choir. So, I’ll get straight to…

15. dubna. 2024, 6min. čtení
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How to safely pass a Viennese tram/bike stop

Since last Autumn there has been a second Viennese tram/bike stop in Czechia. Coincidentally, both are located in Prague, one…

18. února. 2024, 10min. čtení
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How does the Prague bike program for schools work?

In 2021 we reported on the municipal program offering schools the opportunity to establish bicycle racks or bike storage facilities.…

11. února. 2024, 7min. čtení
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Basic traffic regulations for cyclists (in Czechia)

Although a cyclist is not required to have a driver’s license, according to the Czech law he is a driver…

13. srpna. 2023, 10min. čtení
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Cycling etiquette

A person riding a bike should take into consideration others, whether they are pedestrians, cyclists, or car drivers. Fast, aggressive…

25. května. 2023, 7min. čtení1
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Bicycle parking

Parking a bike in the city is no science. It basically consists of three things: a well-chosen, high-quality lock, a…

09. května. 2023, 6min. čtení
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How to start and which bike to choose for the city

Bicycles have enormous potential in our cities – learning to move around the city quickly and efficiently will help you…

07. května. 2023, 12min. čtení

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