Otrokovice enters the Hall of Fame of „Bike to Work“ for the second time

Otrokovice has entered the „Hall of Fame“ of the Bike to Work campaign for the second time. Representatives of the…

19. února. 2024, 4min. čtení

Advocacy Manual (7): Police Opinions – When they are non-binding and when they are binding

When advocating for better conditions for walking and cycling, you often come across justifications that the police did not allow…

24. srpna. 2023, 5min. čtení

Advocacy Manual (6): Filing Objections regarding Traffic Signage

In this chapter, you will learn about the administrative rules that allow for the lawful establishment of traffic signage and…

22. srpna. 2023, 22min. čtení

Advocacy Manual (5): Where Street Designs are Negotiated

In the media, you often read about „road workers“ who initiate various repairs, reconstructions, and constructions of buildings, transportation structures,…

18. srpna. 2023, 15min. čtení

Advocacy Manual (4): Designing roads in the Czech Republic

Another installment of the Advocacy Manual by Michal Šindelář, this time focusing on designing roads in the Czech Republic. Below,…

17. srpna. 2023, 27min. čtení

An Advocacy Manual (3): the organization of a critical mass

A critical mass is, first and foremost, a pleasant celebration of bicycles and an opportunity for everyone to ride together…

16. srpna. 2023, 26min. čtení

An Advocacy Manual (2): How to communicate with the public

Whether you are an organization or a group of individuals with a common interest in sustainable mobility, communication with the…

15. srpna. 2023, 13min. čtení

An Advocacy Manual (1): Establishment of an Association and its Operation

In formulating and advocating for the interests of city residents, you can either act as an informal initiative or formalize…

14. srpna. 2023, 13min. čtení

The 13th edition of the May Challenge „Cycle to Work“ has ended

„To work by bicycle, on foot, or at a leisurely pace“ is the motto of the May Challenge, organized by…

20. června. 2023, 6min. čtení

On June 3rd, the Global Bike Ride will pass through Prague

On Saturday, June 3rd, Prague will celebrate World Bicycle Day. The traditional bike ride will start at 12:15 from the…

31. května. 2023, 3min. čtení

The May Challenge ‚Cycle to Work‘ has started, and Minister Kupka participated in the launch

In more than 50 cities at the beginning of May, the May Challenge „To Work by Bike, on Foot, or…

14. května. 2023, 5min. čtení

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