The Bike to Work challenge starts in just two weeks

Publikováno: 22. dubna. 2024, 2 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: DPNK
Publikováno: 22. dubna. 2024, 2 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: DPNK

Only a few last days remain until the start of the traditional May challenge „Bike to Work,“ [in Czech: ‚Do práce na kole‘ – eds.] organized by the AutoMat association. This year marks the fourteenth iteration.

The goal of the challenge, which is partnered with our magazine „Městem na kole“ as a media sponsor, is to support sustainable and active ways of getting around the city, such as cycling or walking. According to its statement, AutoMat aims to motivate more people to try active modes of transportation to work or school and to promote active movement in cities through this challenge.

During the challenge, the collected data are also analyzed, which may help cities further develop infrastructure for non-motorized urban mobility in the future.

The challenge includes a variety of competitive categories, which can serve as an unconventional form of corporate team building. Many participants have their entry fees paid by their employers. Companies and cities themselves also compete for the top spot in terms of bicycle-friendly transportation. The evaluation includes the rankings of „Bike Employer of the Year“ and „Bike to Work City of the Year.“ The evaluation of cities includes the „CykloRank Česko“ methodology, which the online magazine „Městem na kole“ also collaborated on last year.

All challenge participants will receive a starter pack, which includes t-shirts featuring the design of the current year’s competition. The designers of this year’s motif are graphic designers Petr Kněžek and Šárka Blažková, who were primarily inspired by the aesthetics of traffic signage.

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