Gallery: AutoMat presents its vision of the expressway: Calls the city to action

Publikováno: 09. května. 2024, 2 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Spolek AutoMat
Publikováno: 09. května. 2024, 2 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Spolek AutoMat

The AutoMat association (note: MNK is an independent project of the association) is calling on Prague to transform the expressway (the Magistrala), which, according to them, would lead to improved conditions for sustainable transport, the environment, and the lives of locals. This is in response to the fact that at the end of 2023, the city council selected a designer for modifications to the expressway in Prague 2 as part of the planned reconstruction.

The association wants to create a route on the North-South Boulevard, which would include a separate cyclepath, rows of trees, more greenery, level crossings, and improved safety at crossings.

Together with architect Petr Bednář, the association showed through visualizations how the modification of this artery could turn out. All modifications are proposed without significant reduction of driving lanes for cars, only reducing lanes at certain places.

The association’s call to action can be signed on its website. „We believe that we will eventually see a transformation that will bring Prague closer to a modern European city. A city where people take precedence over cars,“ AutoMat added.

Sokolská Street: before and after

Intersection of Sokolská and Rumunská: before and after

Fügnerovo Square: before and after

Fügnerovo Square: before and after

Legerova: before and after

Petition: Highways do not belong in the city

More information and visualizations, including the option to sign the petition, can be obtained on the call to action page.

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