The streets Legerova, Sokolská, and Ječná are set to undergo renovation

Publikováno: 12. listopadu. 2023, 4 min. čtení
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Publikováno: 12. listopadu. 2023, 4 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 07. listopadu. 2023
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The streets Legerova, Sokolská, and Ječná in Prague are scheduled for a complete renovation. The goal is to create modern urban avenues. This will involve resurfacing and refurbishing tree-lined areas. The specific details of the renovations will be determined by a project for which the Technical Administration of Roads (TSK) is seeking a designer through a competitive selection process.

The estimated cost is around one billion Czech Crowns. Additionally, a study will be conducted to determine if it is possible to eliminate the pedestrian underpasses at Fügnerové Square and Karlovo Square and create regular pedestrian crossings. This information is derived from documents published on the website. It is currently unclear when the renovations will begin.

„The purpose of the projects is to facilitate the creation of pedestrian and cyclist-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and traffic-appropriate urban avenues and public spaces that will enhance pedestrian and cyclist safety, significantly improve usability, and create ample space for the placement of sustainable tree lines using the principles of efficient stormwater management,“ as stated in the document.

The new appearance of the streets will become clear only in the final version of the project, which TSK will discuss with all relevant stakeholders, including City Hall and the City Districts. The project should encompass not only the renovation of the streets but also the creation of new street profiles and the placement and refurbishment of tree-lined areas. It will also assess the possible designation of bike lanes.

The project will include addressing the underpasses at Fügnerové Square and near Karlovo Square at Nuselský Bridge, which run beneath Legerova and Sokolská streets. In their place, regular pedestrian crossings could be established. „The replacement of underpasses needs to be examined on a broader scale with an impact on traffic on Legerova and Sokolská streets,“ as stated in the document. In recent years, a new pedestrian crossing and a bike lane have been created on the Magistrála, for example, near the National Museum.

Repair of the tram track on Ječná Street

Ječná Street, which connects Karlovo Square with Sokolská Street, is also set to undergo a transformation. In addition to its renovation, workers will refurbish the tree-lined areas. To mitigate noise pollution, the road surfaces will be newly paved with sound-absorbing asphalt. In the case of Ječná, TSK (Technical Administration of Roads) must collaborate with the public transport company (DPP), which plans to repair the heavily used tram track that is in poor condition.

The exact cost of these renovations is not currently clear. It will depend, among other things, on the project’s details and the outcome of the construction tender. According to the published document, projects directly on the main road could cost between 800 to 950 million Czech Crowns excluding VAT, and in the case of Ječná, it could be between 250 to 300 million Czech Crowns excluding VAT.

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