What are the city districts‘ plans: Prague 15

Since the municipal elections over half a year ago, we have been asking the transport councilors of Prague 1 to…

31. května. 2023, 5min. čtení

The Magistrala in the city center of Prague should be more cyclist-friendly

Prague will begin preparing modifications to the Magistrala [the main road through the city center – red.] in the section…

24. května. 2023, 6min. čtení

Prague 7 will improve city mobility with additional cycling routes

The Prague 7 municipality plans to expand the number of one-way streets where cyclists can ride in the opposite direction.…

22. května. 2023, 3min. čtení

What are the city districts‘ plans: Prague 3

Since the municipal elections in Prague over half a year has passed, and we are asking the local councilors responsible…

18. května. 2023, 8min. čtení


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Praha 1: došlo ke snížení obruby u cykloobousměrky ve Veleslavínově

24. května. 2023, zdroj: Йиндржих хиндрик1