Otrokovice enters the Hall of Fame of „Bike to Work“ for the second time

Publikováno: 19. února. 2024, 4 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 17. února. 2024
Publikováno: 19. února. 2024, 4 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 17. února. 2024

Otrokovice has entered the „Hall of Fame“ of the Bike to Work campaign for the second time. Representatives of the AutoMat association personally presented the award to the city and inquired about the current development of cycling support.

The Hall of Fame was essentially tailor-made for Otrokovice as part of the „Cykloměsto Bike to Work“ evaluation. Otrokovice has consistently ranked first in the evaluation, and this performance was thus recognized with this prestigious title. [With Otrokovice now in its own Hall of Fame category – red.] Hradec Králové then became the „Bike City To Work“ for 2023.

„Otrokovice is unique in that many more people work here than live,“ says Hana Večerková. And for her, the issue of transportation is absolutely crucial. „There are a lot of people here who cycle to work daily, in winter and summer. Even in front of the town hall building, you will find parked bicycles today,“ continues Lenka Vaculová, Otrokovice’s spokesperson.

The online magazine „Městem na kole“ (City by Bike) is media partner of the „Bike to Work“ challenge.

Starting next Spring, residents will also be able to use the first city bike wash. Further sections of cycle paths in and around the city are planned, often despite complicated property relationships. After the reconstruction of the railway station, a bike tower will be added, and the reconstruction of Tomáše Bati Boulevard is also planned.

Closure of the main cycle path

City representatives expressed concern that the construction of a new highway will close the main Napajedla – Otrokovice cycle path for two years. This route, for which there will be no replacement during construction, is used daily by around 2000 cyclists.

„And for that, people will complain to us, even though they know we can’t do anything about it,“ says Renáta Krystyníková, Otrokovice’s cycling coordinator and head of the city’s traffic and administrative department. Unfortunately, no alternative cycle route is realistic. „The highway is simply a priority. We had complex discussions about the fatal impact of the construction on the traffic from Napajedla to Otrokovice and finding a viable alternative, but they did not yield good solutions for cycling or car traffic,“ the mayor shrugs. However, she adds that unlike other cities, Otrokovice at least has the prospect that the construction noise and the associated traffic chaos are only temporary.

In recent months, the editorial team of Městem na kole has updated the cycling infrastructure in Otrokovice. It should now more accurately reflect reality. For example, pedestrian zones in the city center, contraflow bike lanes, and paths for pedestrians and cyclists have been added.

This is an adjusted machine translation using Automat’s CycleLingo Translator (ChatGPT) of this article: https://mestemnakole.cz/2024/02/otrokovice-se-podruhe-v-sini-slavy-do-prace-na-kole/

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