The reconstruction of the Barrandov Bridge continues in 2024

Publikováno: 20. února. 2024, 3 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: TSK Praha (editace MNK)
Publikováno: 20. února. 2024, 3 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: TSK Praha (editace MNK)

With the spring construction season comes another intense phase of the Barrandov Bridge reconstruction. From the perspective of car drivers, this is the third year of the reconstruction, but for bicycle traffic, it essentially marks the fifth year of restrictions related to the bridge’s renovation. What should we prepare for this time and how can we detour around the closures?

The following information is taken from the city’s official information page and from the public notice board. The first main part of the closures started this week with the closure of the dedicated bike lane and the adjacent bike lane on Modřanská Street. The detour route for the bike lane goes through the regular lanes for car traffic, and detour routes for the affected sidewalk are marked. This closure will last until February 26.

The most significant closure this year from the perspective of bicycle traffic will begin on Monday, February 12th. The main bike route A12, which runs along the northern sidewalk of the bridge, will be closed. A detour route will be marked and will be directed along the southern sidewalk, which is also normally accessible to bicycle traffic, although it is typically used less frequently. The closure is planned to last until August 31, 2024.

The northern sidewalk with route A12 will be closed

The reason for this closure is the demolition and construction of a new ledge on the northern half of the north side of the bridge. As with the first stage on the southern half of the south side of the bridge, here in the northern part, the construction company must first demolish the original ledge, build a temporary footbridge in its place, and prepare everything for the concrete pouring of the new final ledge. Since the ledge space is used as the sidewalk and the main bike route A12, this thoroughfare must be completely closed, including the sidewalks connected to it.

Further closures will also affect the regular traffic lanes on the bridge. However, the volume of bicycle traffic on the Barrandov Bridge is so small that we do not describe the changes in detail. Closures of regular lanes are described in detail on the website.

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