Seven kilometers of legalized sidewalks along Průmyslová Street in Prague

Publikováno: 17. února. 2024, 2 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 15. února. 2024
Úvodní foto: Tomáš Holub
Publikováno: 17. února. 2024, 2 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 15. února. 2024
Úvodní foto: Tomáš Holub

The city has legalized a total of seven kilometers of sidewalks for cycling along a three-kilometer section of Průmyslová Street. This measure will aid those who do not wish to travel through the industrial area and along the A430 bike route in heavy traffic. It represents a significant north-south connection in this part of the city.

The signage was gradually implemented during the summer and autumn of 2023. Currently, the lowering of a large portion of curbs to comfortably access the sidewalks is not yet completed. These modifications are planned, and according to information from the editorial office, building permits should be obtained this year. Similarly, further subsequent adjustments will be made between the northern end of the current legalizations and Českobrodská Street.

Horizontal signage with symbols of bicycles and pedestrians has also been newly added to sidewalks for shared use by pedestrians and cyclists.

Legalized sidewalks are located on both sides of Průmyslová Street, both south and north of the Jižní Spojka (Southern Connector). It is not possible to cross the Jižní Spojka other than on the road, as there are no sidewalks on the bridge. Therefore, there is a large gap between the two legalized areas. As an alternative, Černokostelecká Street, which also crosses the Jižní Spojka – including a sidewalk – can be used. However, this sidewalk has not yet been legalized.

At the intersection with Tiskařská Street, the curbs have already been lowered. At the same time, combined pedestrian and cyclist crosswalks have been marked. The infrastructure thus better connects to the Průmyslová–Jahodnice cycle path, which was completed in 2022.

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