Benešov will add shared bikes and bike racks

Publikováno: 15. února. 2024, 3 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 13. února. 2024
Úvodní foto: Atelier VAS
Publikováno: 15. února. 2024, 3 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 13. února. 2024
Úvodní foto: Atelier VAS

In 2024, Benešov is planning to further enhance sustainable transportation methods. It’s increasing the budget for public transportation, promoting walking, and also supporting cycling.

Since 2021, the city has had a new transportation master plan, based on which it is gradually improving conditions for sustainable transportation.

New bike racks

Before the start of the 2023/2024 school year, Benešov appealed to parents to try to transport their children to school by means other than a car. However, locals pointed out that some schools and other places in the city lacked bike racks, so they had nowhere safe to park their bikes. Therefore, the working group for sustainable mobility, in cooperation with city architect Luboš Klabík and deputy mayor Jakub Hostek (Benešov for Life), initiated the addition of new racks.

The number of bike racks around the city has increased by a total of 30. They are located near school buildings, city buildings, and sports facilities. These include the Piarist College, MUD, KD Karlov, the town hall, and the post office, Hostek added.

„I see the ability to safely park a bike as a fundamental aspect of urban cycling. By increasing the number of racks, we want to encourage the people of Benešov to cycle around Benešov more than before,“ added the deputy mayor.

More shared bikes

For the 2024 season the city plans to expand the number of shared bikes from 50 to 80 and to increase the number of official stations. This expansion will connect new locations, such as Mariánovice or the „Na Bejkárně“ area.

As Benešov is a member of the Partnership for Urban Mobility, the working group aims to participate in the Cyklovize 2030 project. The project’s ambition is to create a map of safe travel routes suitable for cyclists across the entire country and to connect various municipalities with extended competence (ORP).

„The goal is to make sustainable mobility more attractive so that it becomes a welcomed and preferred way of moving around the city. And for cars to remain parked at home for short trips,“ the city hall stated. „The city leadership, involved departments, and individual employees of the office are continuously working to ensure that multiple modes of transportation function in Benešov, allowing residents to freely choose how they move around the city.“

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