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Publikováno: 02. září. 2023, 4 min. čtení
Publikováno: 02. září. 2023, 4 min. čtení

It’s been over six months since the municipal elections, and we are asking the representatives for transportation from Prague 1 to Prague 22 about their plans regarding cycling infrastructure. We are continuing with the city district of Prague 17, which has a population of 22,000, is located in the northwest of Prague and encompasses the housing estate Řepy. Responding to our written questions is Martin Marek, the representative for transportation from the ODS party.

Do you plan to construct new cycle paths, mark bike lanes, or legalize cycling through certain areas in your city district in the upcoming years? Where?

Comprehensive marking of bike lanes/corridors across City District P17 took place a few years ago, with the latest marking occurring in 2022 as part of the Žalanského street reconstruction.

So, you’re not planning any additional cycle paths or lanes? Is the network currently complete?

This year, the reconstruction of Čistovická road will begin, where we intend to include a bike lane.

Are you considering improving the accessibility of your city district for cycling? For example, by implementing contraflow bike lanes, maybe within 30 km/h zones? Our readers suggested streets like U Boroviček, Opuková, or Severýnova.

A contraflow bike lane exists, for example, in the one-way section of Čistovická street. Additionally, they also exist partially in the mentioned streets U Boroviček and Opuková (note: partially contraflow, red.).

So, you’re not planning any additions?

In the Bílá Hora area, we’re considering adding contraflow bike lanes as part of a comprehensive traffic solution to prevent through traffic.

Is there a plan to add more bicycle racks in the streets? Where?

We regularly add bicycle racks as needed or in response to suggestions from citizens. However, the primary locations are near our playgrounds.

What about bikesharing? Are you aiming to expand it in Prague 17?

To me, this topic is quite similar to carsharing. The idea is good, but the execution is poor.

How else do you plan to improve conditions for cycling in your city district?

This cannot be generalized; it always depends on the specific location.

Which construction or change during this current term of office will most positively affect pedestrian and cycling traffic in your city district?

Nothing comes to mind.

Which foreign city serves as an inspiration for you in terms of transportation?

I’m not sure if I can say it’s an inspiration, but Amsterdam has certainly caught my attention.

Do you ever move around the city by bike?

I must admit, very occasionally.

Do you follow our magazine?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of it until now.

Thank you for the interview.

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