What are the city districts planning: Prague 20 (Horní Počernice)

Publikováno: 13. listopadu. 2023, 3 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 07. listopadu. 2023
Publikováno: 13. listopadu. 2023, 3 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 07. listopadu. 2023

It has been a year since the municipal elections, and we are asking the municipal authorities for transportation from Prague 1 to Prague 22 about their plans regarding cycling transportation. We continue with the district of Prague 20, which has 15,000 residents. Located in the northeast of Prague, it includes the district of Horní Počernice. Hana Moravcová, councilor for Šance pro Počernice (an association of independent candidates, ODS, and TOP09), responds to our written inquiries.

Do you have plans in the coming years to build new bike paths, designate bike lanes, or legalize bike passage in your urban district? Where?

We do not have any such plans.

Is there a plan to connect to the bike path along Mladých Běchovic Street, which ends at the border of your district?

Yes, currently, the project preparation for combined territorial and construction proceedings is underway.

There is a reconstruction of the railway from Lysá. Will it be possible to cross the bridge over the expressway between Počernice and Černý Most by bike?

As part of the A50 cycling highway project, a footbridge is planned.

Are you planning further improvements to facilitate cycling in your urban district by introducing contraflow bike lanes?

Yes, there is currently an examination of one-way traffic solutions in Horní Počernice, including contraflow bike lanes.

Is there a plan to add more bike racks on the streets?

Yes, at the train station after the optimization of the railway line.

What are you doing with bike sharing? Are you discussing its expansion from Černý Most to Prague 20?


How else do you intend to improve conditions for cycling in your urban district?

Expansion of bike routes and bike paths, connecting to neighboring urban districts and municipalities.

Which construction or change in the current electoral period will have the most positive impact on pedestrian and cycling transportation in your urban district?

An underpass and overpass under the railway line and bridging the highway to Klánovice.

Do you follow our magazine?

I have not had the opportunity.

Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain answers to the questions „Which foreign city inspires you in terms of transportation?“ and „Do you ever move around the city on a bicycle?“.

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