Olomouc plans to repair an important transport artery, including provisions for bike lanes

Publikováno: 31. března. 2024, 3 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 28. března. 2024
Úvodní foto: MAAUS s.r.o.
Publikováno: 31. března. 2024, 3 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 28. března. 2024
Úvodní foto: MAAUS s.r.o.

Olomouc city hall plans to reconstruct Palackého and Litovelská streets, and Míru Avenue, which include tram tracks. The repair of this busy transport route is expected to cost almost 900 million Czech crowns. The city council approved the territorial study of the reconstruction of these three streets last Monday. This was announced on social networks by Deputy Mayor Tomáš Pejpek (ProOlomouc).

According to him, the reconstruction aims to improve conditions for public transport. The city intends to build more comfortable and partly relocated public transport stops. City buses could also use the tram track.

The approved study includes safer crossings for pedestrians, a two-way bike route along the entire length of the streets, traffic calming on Palackého Street, and the rerouting of traffic from a second-class road to nearby Hynaisova Street. The project will also include the reconstruction of engineering networks and new rows of trees lining the streets.

The council estimated that the reconstruction of Palackého Street, Litovelská Street, and Míru Avenue will require almost 900 million Czech crowns. „Next year, the design preparation will begin. A major task will be to secure funding,“ added Pejpek.

The possible guidance of cyclists will primarily be determined in more detail in the subsequent design works. However, it is already evident from the approved territorial study that one-way cycling lanes on each side of the street are anticipated.

The territorial study itself suggests in some sections more of a Danish-style lanes approach, which are executed across intersections without loss of priority, while in other sections, it suggests more routing in associated space and across bike crossings. Especially at large intersections, the comfort and speed of cycling traffic will be closely linked to the chosen final solution for routing the bicycle passage.

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