Tachovské náměstí: Significant bike route intersection in Žižkov underwent reconstruction

Publikováno: 10. března. 2024, 5 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 07. března. 2024
Úvodní foto: Jiří Motýl
Publikováno: 10. března. 2024, 5 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 07. března. 2024
Úvodní foto: Jiří Motýl

In December 2023 Tachovské náměstí in Prague’s Žižkov was opened to the public in its new form. The reconstruction of this Žižkov square significantly transformed the cycling paths through the location, as the square intersects several bike routes.

Thanks to its location on the Vítkov cycle path and near the entrance to the Žižkov Tunnel, as well as the start of the cycling route on Vítkov, it is an important intersection from the perspective of bicycle traffic. Currently, bike routes A25 and A421 intersect here. In the future, the Prague cycling master plan even intends to intersect major bike routes A5 and A6 here, along with bike routes A25 and A240 leading through Hartigova.

The original appearance of the square was quite bleak, affected by the presence of a long-gone railway track and the tunnel entrance to Karlín. „The construction of the tunnel in 1953 insensitively divided the area, it basically lost its square character. The current renovation is a return to the original state,“ said Michal Vronský (TOP09), the mayor of Prague 3.

As part of the reconstruction the square’s surface was leveled into a single plane, removing inaccessible terrain with unkept bushes and a small house that previously hosted public toilets and a locksmith’s workshop. The underpass of the former railway track was abolished. The Vítkov cycle path is now crossed on one level on the way to Vítkov. A new descent from the Vítkov cycle path to the square has been constructed.

The square now features a paved area with benches, flower beds, and plane trees. „Once the trees grow and branch out in a few years, they will cover the area with shade,“ promises architect Štěpán Valouch from OVA studio, who designed the new look of the square. „The terrain has a relatively steep slope. We tried to ensure that water would accumulate and retain in the layers, but there are no underground tanks,“ he adds. The square is also complemented by a renovated pump that stood near the U Slovanské lípy tavern, a drinking fountain has been added, and there is also a functional scale as a reminder of the former larger city scale that was used by market traders and merchants.

The square itself is designed as a unified pedestrian zone with permitted bicycle traffic, with the Vítkov cycle path crossing the northern end of the square in a mode for pedestrians and cyclists. Thus, the entire area is fully accessible by bike. In the pedestrian zone, it is necessary to exercise increased consideration and respect the maximum allowed speed of 20 km/h.

The traffic regime for the exit up the cycle path to Vítkov is not yet entirely clear, and the diagram illustrating the passage of bike routes through the square from this direction has not been updated.

The reconstruction began in the summer of 2022 and cost nearly 77 million Czech crowns, it was completed in December 2023. It was also accompanied by a debate on whether the entrance to the tunnel should be covered. „The tunnel itself is long, and such a solution would lead to an extended journey through darkness. Besides, it is historically valuable,“ explains Štěpán Valouch. In the future, the corridor will undergo one last modification — its entrance walls will be adorned with an artistic element resulting from a public competition.

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