The cyclepath from Kralupy to Zákolany was completed. The route still has some shortcomings

Publikováno: 29. března. 2024, 5 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Kralupy TV
Publikováno: 29. března. 2024, 5 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Kralupy TV

After five years a network of paths for pedestrians and cyclists has been completed, connecting Minice near Kralupy nad Vltavou, Otvovice, and Zákolany in the Central Bohemian Region without intersecting with busy roads.

The five-kilometer route runs through the valley of the Zákolanský stream, south of the main road. The route consists of four sections of paths for pedestrians and cyclists, which are interconnected by service roads or through residential areas. The surface of the route is not uniform, with sections being gravel, asphalt, and small paving stones. The width also varies, ranging between two and four meters.

The last completed section is 450 meters of the path for pedestrians and cyclists in Zákolany. It connects the local square, football field, and train station across the stream, including three new bridges and bike racks.

„For Zákolany, the new path is of great benefit. It offers a crucial solution for the safe crossing of children to the football and playgrounds, as all these places are located on the other side of the stream. Previously, all pedestrians and cyclists had to use the main road, which runs under the railway viaducts. With increasing traffic, this was very dangerous, especially for children,“ added Lucie Wittlichová, the mayor of Zákolany (Sousedé).

Not entirely continuous

The weak section of the route remains the fact that the path does not lead directly into Kralupy nad Vltavou. It ends in Minice. Beyond Minice it is necessary to travel on a second-class road and only in Kralupy does it connect to bike route 202 along the Zákolanský stream.

Lengthy implementation

The implementation of the entire section began in 2019, with completion expected in 2020. The process was delayed by four years due to the owner of one of the plots, who appealed against the building permit. Most of the land on which the construction took place originally belonged to private owners. The municipality then had to repeat the entire building process.

The total cost of the project is 26.88 million Czech crowns. Approximately 60% of the project was funded by the European Union, with the remaining finances divided between the municipalities and the city of Kralupy. The construction was carried out by the Litoměřice company Gardenline.

Interesting additions

The new route was also complemented by new furniture; besides benches, several bike rack stations were created along the path. Eight bike racks were installed at the football field in Zákolany. More curiously is the placement of two more stations in Otvovice. Each includes five racks with a capacity for ten bikes and one bench. However, they are located in places where presumably ten bikes will never be locked to the racks. The first station is in the greenery at the beginning of Otvovice, the second in the center of the village, but hundreds of meters from the nearest establishment, 200 meters from the train station.

In Otvovice, a two-way cyclepath was marked on a local road using horizontal signage. According to Czech legislation, such a thing does not exist; a regular path would have to have vertical signage and be wider. Given that the affected road is essentially traffic-free, the signage could function more as a corridor for pedestrians or an advisory bike lane. It’s questionable whether such a road wouldn’t be better suited for a completely different traffic regime, such as a calm zone (shared or cycling).

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