Prague marked a contraflow bike lane through the Želivského bus terminal

Publikováno: 27. června. 2024, 3 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 22. června. 2024
Úvodní foto: Jiří Motýl
Publikováno: 27. června. 2024, 3 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 22. června. 2024
Úvodní foto: Jiří Motýl

The capital city marked a contraflow bike lane on Izraelská Street, leading through the Želivského bus terminal. The legalization of the route was accomplished by marking a contraflow bike lane.

This new measure shortens the cycling route by nearly 200 meters. A detour around the bus terminal via the busy Vinohradská Street, which offers no cycling infrastructure on the incline, is no longer needed. Additionally, it opens up a new, less busy route to Vinohrady from the Strašnice and Malešice border area. In the future, the main bike route A24 is planned to run through this location.

The contraflow bike lane itself is 200 meters long. It ends with a plastic sloped ramp onto the newly legalized sidewalk in front of the cemetery’s ceremonial hall entrance. Green bollards have been placed in front of it to prevent cyclists from riding directly along the cemetery wall. Cyclists can use the legalized sidewalk to reach Jana Želivského Street. From there, they can cross to Vinohradská Street or continue along Jana Želivského Street. A bike crossing is planned for this location in the future.

A suggestion for legalizing this passage had been posted on the Cyclists Together portal over 10 years ago. In the opposite direction, the bike passage through the station was permitted by the „no entry for motor vehicles“ sign as early as 2020.

The contraflow bike lane was marked using a temporary general measure, which is valid for only one year and cannot be commented on. Therefore, it can be assumed that this is currently a test regime and the final solution may undergo changes.

This article was published with financial support from the capital city of Prague as part of the project ‚Cyclists together for Prague‘. The project ensures systematic information about new cycling infrastructure in Prague.

This is an adjusted machine translation using Automat’s CycleLingo Translator (ChatGPT) of this article:

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