Opinion: Prague „modernized“ the cycle path in Podolí

Separated cycling infrastructure in Prague is not stagnant, it is in fact decreasing. The current „modernization“ of the busiest Prague…

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In pictures: The Old-New Bridge in Prague-Radotín

In Prague 16, Radotín, a new pedestrian and cycling bridge has been operating since Spring. It replaced a bridge that…

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What are the city districts‘ plans: Prague 15

Since the municipal elections over half a year ago, we have been asking the transport councilors of Prague 1 to…

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On June 3rd, the Global Bike Ride will pass through Prague

On Saturday, June 3rd, Prague will celebrate World Bicycle Day. The traditional bike ride will start at 12:15 from the…

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How to,

Cycling etiquette

A person riding a bike should take into consideration others, whether they are pedestrians, cyclists, or car drivers. Fast, aggressive…

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The Magistrala in the city center of Prague should be more cyclist-friendly

Prague will begin preparing modifications to the Magistrala [the main road through the city center – red.] in the section…

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Prague 7 will improve city mobility with additional cycling routes

The Prague 7 municipality plans to expand the number of one-way streets where cyclists can ride in the opposite direction.…

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„We’re fighting against white vans,“ says founder of Czech manufacturer of cargo bikes, Cargio

Cargio began operating in the Fall of 2020. This Ostrava-based startup produces cargo bikes, which are currently aimed primarily at…

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What are the city districts‘ plans: Prague 3

Since the municipal elections in Prague over half a year has passed, and we are asking the local councilors responsible…

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Adam Something: Either you build proper cycling infrastructure, or you don’t

We recently posted photos on Twitter of a dad with his children riding together on Dukelských hrdinů street in Prague’s…

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The May Challenge ‚Cycle to Work‘ has started, and Minister Kupka participated in the launch

In more than 50 cities at the beginning of May, the May Challenge „To Work by Bike, on Foot, or…

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The first cycling path in the Czech lands was opened more than 120 years ago

The first cycling paths in Europe were established at the turn of the 19th and 20th century, as interest in…

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How to,

Bicycle parking

Parking a bike in the city is no science. It basically consists of three things: a well-chosen, high-quality lock, a…

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How to,

How to start and which bike to choose for the city

Bicycles have enormous potential in our cities – learning to move around the city quickly and efficiently will help you…

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