Prague 7 will improve city mobility with additional cycling routes

Publikováno: 22. května. 2023, 3 min. čtení
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Publikováno: 22. května. 2023, 3 min. čtení
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The Prague 7 municipality plans to expand the number of one-way streets where cyclists can ride in the opposite direction. This could potentially be implemented in around ten streets. The aim is to improve connectivity between different parts of Prague 7 for cyclists, enhance safety, and discourage cyclists from riding on sidewalks. The municipality also intends to increase the number of bicycle stands. Deputy Mayor Pavel Zelenka (Praha 7 Sobě) stated this in an interview with the Czech News Agency (ČTK).

„We are currently examining the streets in Holešovice. Cyclists already do it (ride in the opposite direction), but they find themselves in a situation where they commit an offense. They then try to solve it by committing another offense, namely riding on the sidewalk. I don’t want them to commit offenses and endanger pedestrians,“ said Zelenka.

These so-called cycling contraflow lanes are planned for streets where they do not require construction modifications and do not complicate traffic. „All of them will be in streets that currently have a 30 km/h zone, which means that cars can only travel at a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour,“ added Zelenka.

In Holešovice, cycling contraflow lanes are already functioning in more than 20 streets. This includes Osadní Street and parts of Tusarova Street. The municipality now plans to expand them, for example, to the missing section of Tusarova Street, as well as to Poupětova, Kouteckého, U Parního mlýnu, U Staré plynárny, Skalecká, Strossmayerovo náměstí, and the municipality is also considering the possibility of implementing them in U Měštanského pivovaru Street. „I would like the city district to be accessible for cyclists in all directions,“ said Zelenka. Cycling contraflow lanes will also be established in the vicinity of Letná.

The number of bicycle stands is set to increase. The municipality plans to utilize vacant spaces in front of pedestrian crossings, marked with white stripes where parking is prohibited, for their placement. „We are identifying locations and examining how to do it legally. In my vision, there should be dozens of bicycle stands because similar measures do not make sense if they are isolated,“ said Zelenka. These measures should also help address issues related to shared bicycle parking.

Update 31st March 2023: Incorrect information stating that the establishment of a cycling contraflow lane requires approval from the Police of the Czech Republic has been deleted. The police only provide their opinion, which authorities are not necessarily obliged to follow, although they typically do. More information regarding the binding nature of police opinions can be found here [in Czech].

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