Survey: Majority of young motorists perceive the relationship between cyclists and motorists negatively

Publikováno: 05. července. 2023, 4 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Tomáš Cach
Publikováno: 05. července. 2023, 4 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Tomáš Cach

Over 60 percent of young motorists perceive the relationship between cyclists and drivers as hostile. This number is lower among motorists who themselves occasionally ride bicycles. More than one-third of all drivers are unaware of the rule of maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters when overtaking a cyclist. These findings come from a survey conducted by Kantar CZ, commissioned by the „Dám respekt“ project [Give respect]. Respondents agree that better cycling infrastructure, mutual respect, and greater knowledge of traffic regulations would contribute to improving relations between cyclists and drivers.

Approximately 64 percent of motorists ride bicycles at least occasionally. However, a significant portion of them perceive the relationship between motorists and cyclists as unfriendly. Among young motorists aged 18 to 30, this percentage is 62 percent, while only 23 percent consider it friendly. Among drivers who ride for work reasons at least once a month, 45 percent perceive a negative relationship.

„We believe that the key to improving the situation lies primarily in respect and thorough education. After all, over 60 percent of people claim to be both cyclists and drivers. We are still the same people, sometimes behind the wheel, sometimes in the saddle,“ said Roman Kreuziger, founder of the „Dám respekt“ initiative and ten-time participant of the Tour de France.

According to the survey, nearly 80 percent of respondents stated that better knowledge of traffic regulations by both motorists and cyclists would lead to improvement. However, according to Tomáš Neřold, the head of Besip, everyone must start with themselves. The survey also revealed insufficient knowledge of basic regulations, as approximately 43 percent of young motorists were unaware of the mandatory 1.5-meter distance when overtaking a cyclist. Among drivers who ride for work reasons, the percentage was 33 percent.

When it comes to motorist offenses against cyclists, the most frequently mentioned ones are high speed, insufficient lateral distance when overtaking a cyclist, and inadequate attention paid to driving. According to motorists, the most common offenses by cyclists include riding side by side on the road, riding on sidewalks, or not wearing a bicycle helmet.

According to Neřold, preventive campaigns are necessary. He stated that from the beginning of this year until the end of April, there have been over 700 accidents involving cyclists, resulting in 18 cyclist fatalities. Neřold considers these numbers part of a long-term negative trend. On average, 40 cyclists die each year, so the number is already close to half before the start of the main cycling season.

The survey conducted by Kantar CZ took place in April this year and targeted two groups: young motorists aged 18 to 30 and driver respondents, which refers to people who use motor vehicles for work purposes at least once a month.

The „Dám respekt“ initiative was established in 2019 with the aim of reducing accidents on Czech roads and protecting vulnerable road users. It collaborates with organizations such as Vize Nula, the Czech Automobile Club, and the Czech Police. The initiative has also released a new video clip that encourages drivers to use the „Dutch Reach,“ which is a safe way to open car doors to prevent endangering cyclists.

Survey for Download

The entire conducted survey can be downloaded and studied here.

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