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Publikováno: 09. srpna. 2023, 5 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 10. srpna. 2023
Publikováno: 09. srpna. 2023, 5 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 10. srpna. 2023

More than six months have passed since the municipal elections, and we are asking the council members responsible for transportation from Prague 1 to Prague 22 about their plans for cycling infrastructure. We now continue with the Prague 9 municipal district, which has 55 thousand inhabitants, and includes Vysočany, Hrdlořezy, Střížkov, Hloubětín, Libeň, and Malešice. Tomáš Holeček, the council member for transportation representing ODS, responds to our written inquiries.

Do you have plans in the upcoming years to construct new cycle paths, designate bike lanes, or legalize cycling routes? Where?

We aim to complete the A26 cycle route along Rokytka River to the Prague 14 municipal district and further connect A26 with the YYT and AFI areas [two housing development projects – red.].

What are the current plans for the so-called Northeast Cycling Corridor in Prague 9? Is there any progress with the planned cycle path from Balabenka over the former viaduct at Kolčavka or other sections of the planned route?

Variants of cycle routes are being prepared around Balabenka, taking into account future developments such as the City Ring Road, residential projects, and the high-speed rail line.

Recently, many sections with uneven terrain have been removed along the Rokytka River from Hořejší rybník to Průmyslová Street. There are still a few pieces left. Will an asphalt surface be added there as well?

Refer to the answer in the first question.

On the A26 cycle path in Vysočany, there are several poorly resolved locations, such as the intersection with Piskáčkových Street. Do you plan to make changes there?

The current intersection of the cycle path and Piskáčkových Street was and still is the only solution without interfering with green areas. This was suggested by the Police of the Czech Republic.

Several adjustments have been made between the Rokytka River cycle path under Kolbenova Street and the railway line leading to the orchards in Klíčov. For instance, the underpass beneath the railway line has been widened. How will the entire cycle path look?

This concerns the future connection of EuroVelo 4 with A26 through AFI and YYT.

Do you have any further plans to improve cycling accessibility in the Prosek housing estate, such as expanding and connecting legalized sidewalks in Přátelství Park or creating legal connections between dead-end streets?

Cycling in parks is a significant issue due to frequent collisions between pedestrians and cyclists. Complaints about cyclists are becoming more common from residents. With regard to the width of the roads, it is unrealistic to create cycle connections (bike lanes) between individual streets in Prosek and Střížkov.

Do you plan to establish contraflow bike lanes? They have long been missing on Kytlická Street, for example.

This is a complex issue, and not all roads are suitable for this purpose. Nevertheless, we are preparing some on Střížkov.

Do you plan to install more bicycle racks in the streets and address parking for bike-sharing services?

We are currently discussing the creation of parking spaces for shared bikes near pedestrian crossings in the commission. We are cooperating with Rekola and Lime companies. There will be around 90 parking spaces in the Prague 9 municipal district, and we already have maps of the designated areas.

Which construction or change in the current election term will have the most positive impact on pedestrian and cycling transportation in your municipal district?

From a long-term perspective, the micromobility bridges over Kbelská Street at Čakovická and Spojovací Streets at Třešňovka will be the most influential.

What foreign city serves as an inspiration for you in the field of transportation?

If Prague weren’t so hilly, it would be Utrecht.

Do you ever move around the city by bike? Why or why not?

I regularly ride a bike, especially during the summer, but only where I can use cycle paths for most of the route. Riding in some bike lanes can be very stressful, so I prefer longer routes along dedicated cycle paths.

Do you follow our magazine?

I do not follow your magazine.

Thank you for the interview.

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