In September, construction of the path between Kačerov and U Labutě in Prague 4 will begin

Publikováno: 01. září. 2023, 3 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Václav Kříž
Publikováno: 01. září. 2023, 3 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Václav Kříž

Between September and December 2023, the capital city will be constructing a pedestrian and cycling path that will connect the Kačerov metro station with the U Labutě location in Prague 4. The path will operate as a sidewalk with allowed bicycle entry. The realization of this project has been awaited for several years, and it was delayed by advertising space in its path.

The route along Vídeňská and Michelská streets will receive a new asphalt surface. The modified section, measuring 860 meters in length, will have a width ranging from 3 to 3.75 meters.

The path will partially traverse through a park and partially along Vídeňská and Michelská streets. The project will also include the relocation of DPP and PRE cables, the design of new public lighting, and related landscaping. Adjacent crossings and pedestrian areas will be made accessible without barriers, as stated by the Technical Administration of Roads.

At the Kačerov metro station, the path will conclude in front of the bus platforms, requiring cyclists to walk their bikes through them. On the other side, it connects to an existing path for pedestrians and cyclists.“

Long Wait

After a long wait, residents of Prague will finally gain a safe and connected route between the marked cycling paths A42 and A22. The construction and land permits were supposed to be issued for the project as early as 2019. The preparation for the initiative was delayed, partly because the path’s route was obstructed by a JCDecaux company billboard, the relocation or removal of which the city struggled to negotiate quickly.

Partial legalization of the sidewalk was undertaken before the path’s actual construction, on both sides of Vídeňská and Michelská streets, coinciding with the reconstruction of adjacent intersections. However, riding on the sidewalk all the way to the Kačerov metro station is still not legally permitted.

The idea for the U Labutě – Krč cycling path has been present on the Cyklisté sobě (Cyclists Together) website since 2015, and its marking was demanded back in 2003 by the Oživení association.

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