The „Koloběžka“ action by the Prague City Police registered over a thousand violations

Publikováno: 18. září. 2023, 4 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Praha
Publikováno: 18. září. 2023, 4 min. čtení
Úvodní foto: Praha

The Prague City Police executed the „Koloběžka“ operation last week from Thursday to Sunday. During this safety initiative, officers focused more on improper cycling and scooter riding on the territory of the capital city of Prague.

The city police has released the results of the entire operation. Officers uncovered 1,336 violations, for which they imposed 402 fines totaling 191,800 Czech korunas. Additionally, 63 violations were reported to the administrative authority, while others were resolved through discussion. It is evident that the operation significantly affects the statistics regarding the amount of fines imposed because during this four-day initiative a similar number of fines were issued to people riding scooters or bikes as in the entire first half of this year.

Graf zobrazující počty přestupků řešených městskou policií v Praze mezi lety 2018 až 2023 v souvislosti s jezdci a jezdkyněmi na kolech a koloběžkách.

The highest number of violations was found by officers in Prague 1 (288), and in Prague 2, where they uncovered 126 violations. The most common offenses included riding on the sidewalk and disregarding traffic signs. Each district headquarters of the city police had two two-member patrols assigned to the operation, with four patrols of officers in the central city area where the most significant issues are. Inspections were carried out randomly at various time intervals.

„With this operation, we have clearly shown that we are aware of the problems associated with rented scooters and are prepared to address them. Further steps will follow, especially concerning the issue of scooters being irresponsibly parked in the middle of sidewalks. Safety on Prague’s streets is a priority for me as the mayor,“ emphasized Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS), the mayor of Prague, in a press release regarding the operation.

The capital city, according to its statement, has long been seeking ways to address issues with users of shared electric scooters and bikes. „A few days ago, we received methodological recommendations for potential regulation of electric scooters, prepared by the ministries of interior, industry and trade, and transportation, which we are currently reviewing. Subsequently, a meeting is planned with the participation of the mayor and the city police, where these recommendations and legislative interpretations will be discussed. Resolving the issue of shared scooters requires cooperation from all relevant organizations. Essentially, official locations should be designated for scooter parking to ensure a healthy coexistence among pedestrians, scooters, public transportation, and motorists in the city,“ explained Deputy Mayor for Transportation Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates). „To achieve this, the so-called ‚special use of road infrastructure‘ institute should be employed, which is typically used for activities like construction work, organizing events, or operating stalls. Permits are issued by the local road authority and are subject to fees. However, a separate law would provide a more systematic solution,“ Zdeněk Hřib added.

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