The Lítačka application is testing multi-modal transportation search functionality

Publikováno: 16. listopadu. 2023, 5 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 11. listopadu. 2023
Úvodní foto: PID Lítačka
Publikováno: 16. listopadu. 2023, 5 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 11. listopadu. 2023
Úvodní foto: PID Lítačka

The official mobile app PID Lítačka is testing new features for searching public transportation connections in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region. Users can look forward to planning routes involving multiple modes of transportation in the future. Among other things, the app will also offer the option to use shared or private bicycles.

The new features are currently in a testing phase and are only accessible to users using the beta versions of the app for testing purposes. The app currently allows testing combinations of public transport connections with private cars or bicycles, or with shared bicycles or cars, possibly in combination with taxis. In the future, shared scooters or mopeds may also be added.

The app also provides the option for traditional search using public transportation connections only.

Improved integration with walking

While the display of routes in combination with other modes of transportation may be utilized by a smaller portion of users or viewed as a way to promote alternative transportation modes, the new feature for easily incorporating walking into route searches is likely to be used by the majority of users.

Previous versions of the app, when searching for connections from a specific location, essentially offered only the nearest stop without considering the frequency of departures. The new version is not afraid to suggest walking to a more distant stop if it means arriving at the destination earlier. It also allows individual settings for walking speed and the maximum distance the user is willing to walk. This way, the app won’t forget to inform you that just around the corner, a connection could get you to your destination much earlier than waiting at your selected stop.

The option to choose a bicycle

Similarly, other modes of transportation can be individually customized. In addition to speed and travel distance, specifically for shared bicycles you can also set whether to search only for electric bicycles (currently available in the Beroun region) and even limit the operators that the app will suggest. It is also possible to instruct the app to avoid steep inclines when planning a route.

For private bicycles, the app’s settings include the option to find a bike rack at the destination, and additional settings for combining biking with public transport. You can choose to have the app recommend using your own bike only for the first part of the journey or opt for the option of transporting your own bike via public transport. The app then evaluates, during route recommendations, which connections allow bike transport. This feature works on selected sections of Prague trams where bike transport is permitted.


Since this is a testing version of the application, we won’t provide a detailed review of all the features at this time. In the future, it will be interesting to see how each of the new features resonates with users.

The combination of shared bicycles in route planning, especially when integrated into public transportation, is a logical choice for inclusion in multimodal search. Another interesting aspect is the ability of the app to seamlessly transfer users to the bike operator’s app, where they can subsequently reserve the specific recommended bike for their journey.

On the other hand, the feature of planning routes on a personal bicycle seems to be more useful information for those who may not have much experience with cycling in the city. The app can alert them that, for certain routes, using their own bike might be more time-efficient. In this regard, it can also serve as a subtle promotional tool for alternative modes of transportation.

As mentioned earlier, a more precise inclusion of pedestrian options within public transportation journeys will likely please a broader spectrum of users.

When the new version of the app will officially become available, we do not know, as the ICT operator did not respond to inquiries about the application.

Testing the new features of the PID Lítačka application

The ICT operator encourages willing users to test and provide feedback on the new application.

iOS: Simply download the Apple Test Flight app, and you’re good to go!

Android: Registration for Android users can be found here:

You can share your observations and ratings with the developers here:

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