With one signage change Ústí nad Labem has allowed cycling through the city center

Publikováno: 10. listopadu. 2023, 3 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 24. října. 2023
Publikováno: 10. listopadu. 2023, 3 min. čtení
Aktualizováno: 24. října. 2023

After years cyclists in Ústí nad Labem can once again ride through the city center. Until this September, entry was prohibited for all vehicles except public transportation and delivery vehicles. The city administration expects an increase in cyclists‘ safety with this change.

The traffic sign B1 – no entry – has been replaced by the sign B11, which means no entry for motor vehicles. This allows people on bicycles or scooters to pass through the center without any restrictions. The permission to enter the center by bike applies to the streets Revoluční, Hrnčířská, Vojtěšská, and Velká Hradební.

However, according to ČTK’s findings, some cyclists, including foreigners heading to the information center at Mírové náměstí, have been riding through the center on bicycles despite the prohibition. Jan Vácha, the city’s cycling coordinator, who has long advocated for the city center to be accessible for bicycles, told ČTK that this is connected to a future bike route to Lake Milada. „It has been marked for about two weeks. The additional signs near the no-entry signs state – except for delivery and cyclists,“ Vácha said.

According to him, the city center has not been passable for at least ten years, and recent efforts were complicated by objections. „It should have been completed last year,“ the cycling coordinator added. Cyclists will now be able to access the streets Hrnčířská, Vojtěšská, Klášterní, Bílinská, Malá Hradební, Revoluční, and Vaníčkova from the Elbe cycle path, heading toward the planned route to the popular Milada Lake recreational area. Vácha mentioned that a project is in the works. However, prior to that, it is necessary to settle land issues with private landowners. As a result, the city currently has no specific timeframe for this project.

The B1 sign is often incorrectly placed by cities and municipalities where they want to restrict the entry of motor vehicles due to excessive automobile traffic and its negative externalities, such as noise or smog. However, by placing this sign, they unintentionally limit the passage of cycling traffic, which does not generate noise, congestion, or emissions. In these cases, the B11 sign, which does not restrict cycling traffic, should be used on the streets.

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