On June 3rd, the Global Bike Ride will pass through Prague

Publikováno: 31. května. 2023, 3 min. čtení
Publikováno: 31. května. 2023, 3 min. čtení

On Saturday, June 3rd, Prague will celebrate World Bicycle Day. The traditional bike ride will start at 12:15 from the Holešovice Exhibition Grounds, passing through the city center and ending at Ledárny in Braník. The organizers, AutoMat association (MNK is an independent project of the association, editor’s note) and the website NaKole.cz, have prepared an afternoon program there for both professionals and families.

The aim of the event is to celebrate the bicycle as a practical and sustainable mode of transportation and to highlight the importance of safe cycling infrastructure. The entire event will be suitable for families with children. The event is under the patronage of Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates), Prague’s councilor for transportation, and Jana Plamínková (STAN), the mayor of Prague-Slivenec. The United Nations Information Center is also a co-organizer of the event. Traditionally, a number of embassies will participate, including the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Germany, Lithuania, and Slovenia.


The bike ride itself will last for 1.5 hours and cover a distance of 11 kilometers. The route will be as follows: Holešovice Exhibition Grounds – Dukelských hrdinů Street, Bubenská Street, Captain Jaroš Embankment, Edvard Beneš Embankment, Kosárkovo Embankment, Kampa, Zborovská Street (Újezd), Jirásek Bridge, Rašínovo and Podolské Embankment, Podolí, and finally, Braník.

Subsequent Program

The program at Ledárny in Braník is under the patronage of the Prague 4 municipal district and its mayor, Ondřej Kubín (ANO). The program is as follows:

  • 14:30 Welcome by Ondřej Kubín, Mayor of Prague 4; Jana Plamínková, long-standing councilor of the City of Prague for the environment and mayor of Prague-Slivenec; and other representatives
  • 14:40 Introduction of representatives from the UN, WHO, and the Embassy of the Netherlands
  • 14:50 Distribution of bells to participants
  • 14:55 Joint ringing of bells and photography, including the involved personalities
  • 15:05 Presentation of activities in A park (AutoMat, NaKole, BikeKitchen, BESIP, exhibitions, workshops, competitions, prevention, educational programs, including experiential helmet-wearing prevention for children)
  • 15:30 Debate on the topic of Cycling with Children in Traffic
  • 15:50 Exhibition at the Pump Track, including children’s instruction led by Michal Mároši
  • 16:00 Short speeches by representatives of municipal districts
  • 16:10 Bicycle trial exhibition – Josef Dressler
  • 16:30 Debate on the Safety of Cycling Infrastructure
  • 16:45 „Skills“ competition on scooters for children and beginners
  • 17:00-19:00 DJ Brada
  • 17:30 Continuation of the event, including accompanying activities and barbecue (vegetarian) sausages

You can find more information about the event here.

This is an adjusted ChatGPT translation of this article: https://mestemnakole.cz/2023/05/3-kvetna-probehne-v-praze-svetova-cyklojizda/

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