Survey: Majority of young motorists perceive the relationship between cyclists and motorists negatively

Over 60 percent of young motorists perceive the relationship between cyclists and drivers as hostile. This number is lower among…

05. července. 2023, 4min. čtení

Fewer curbs in Prague 1

Three minor interventions took place in the center of Prague with the aim of simplifying cycling and removing barriers in…

01. července. 2023, 2min. čtení

Parliament rejected proposals for mandatory helmets and the abolition of the 1.5-meter distance

In this week’s vote, the Chamber of Deputies rejected all the amendments proposed by Member of Parliament Zuzana Ožanová (ANO).…

30. června. 2023, 2min. čtení

Prague’s active mobility strategy and standards for non-motorized infrastructure

The active mobility strategy in Prague is the main strategic document of the City of Prague in the field of…

29. června. 2023, 10min. čtení

Prague 8: The A2 cycle route in Karlín underwent reconstruction

After four months, the reconstruction of the pedestrian and cycling path in Prague’s Karlín district was completed. The superior cycling…

27. června. 2023, 3min. čtení

Ranking bike-friendly cities: Prague is last in Europe

The German digital insurance company Luko analyzed 90 metropolises worldwide to reveal cities that are bike-friendly. They created the Global…

20. června. 2023, 3min. čtení

The 13th edition of the May Challenge „Cycle to Work“ has ended

„To work by bicycle, on foot, or at a leisurely pace“ is the motto of the May Challenge, organized by…

20. června. 2023, 6min. čtení

Tomáš Kindl: Deputy Ožanová proposes changes aimed against people on bicycles

You may have already noticed that Mrs. Deputy Zuzana Ožanová (ANO) proposed four amendments against cyclists. The Chamber of Deputies…

16. června. 2023, 7min. čtení

Disturbing results in Prague’s annual measurement of air quality

The non-profit organization „Senzorvzduchu“ [Air sensor – red.] scientifically monitored the concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the air in…

11. června. 2023, 7min. čtení

What are the city districts planning: Prague 14

More than half a year has passed since the municpal elections, and we are asking the transport councilors of Prague…

08. června. 2023, 4min. čtení

Opinion: Prague „modernized“ the cycle path in Podolí

Separated cycling infrastructure in Prague is not stagnant, it is in fact decreasing. The current „modernization“ of the busiest Prague…

05. června. 2023, 7min. čtení1

In pictures: The Old-New Bridge in Prague-Radotín

In Prague 16, Radotín, a new pedestrian and cycling bridge has been operating since Spring. It replaced a bridge that…

02. června. 2023, 1min. čtení

What are the city districts‘ plans: Prague 15

Since the municipal elections over half a year ago, we have been asking the transport councilors of Prague 1 to…

31. května. 2023, 5min. čtení

On June 3rd, the Global Bike Ride will pass through Prague

On Saturday, June 3rd, Prague will celebrate World Bicycle Day. The traditional bike ride will start at 12:15 from the…

31. května. 2023, 3min. čtení
How to,

Cycling etiquette

A person riding a bike should take into consideration others, whether they are pedestrians, cyclists, or car drivers. Fast, aggressive…

25. května. 2023, 7min. čtení1

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