The PID Lítačka app now also includes cycling routes

The official mobile application PID Lítačka for planning public transport journeys in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region has introduced…

08. února. 2024, 7min. čtení
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A Dutch woman’s journey to an e-cargobike in Prague – sharing the joy

Over two years ago I moved to Prague for some new inspiration in my life. I’m enjoying the country and…

06. února. 2024, 27min. čtení3

A new cycle path in Brno will connect the university campus with Bosonohy

In the future a two and a quarter-kilometer-long trail for pedestrians and cyclists is set to connect the outskirts of…

01. února. 2024, 3min. čtení

Prague has completed the cycling underpasses along the track along Kbelská

As part of the modernization of the Vysočany – Horní Počernice railway line, two underpasses for pedestrians and cyclists have…

30. ledna. 2024, 2min. čtení

Brno has marked the shared zone in front of the train station

The area in front of the Brno train station transitioned into a shared zone starting from Monday, extending from the…

28. ledna. 2024, 4min. čtení

Editor-in-chief’s reflection on the year 2023 in the editorial office

The year 2023 is already becoming the distant past, so it’s high time for a few words from behind the…

25. ledna. 2024, 10min. čtení
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What will the new Wenceslas Square be like for bicycles?

In February the reconstruction of the upper part of Wenceslas Square will begin, as the Transport Company has signed a…

24. ledna. 2024, 8min. čtení

Prague starts the search for a constructor for the Vršovice Railway Promenade

The Technical Road Administration (TSK), owned by the city of Prague, will initiate the selection of a contractor for the…

23. ledna. 2024, 4min. čtení

In front of Brno’s main train station one of the first shared zones in the Czech Republic will be created

From Monday, January 22, a shared zone will be established along the tram stop near the Letmo department store at…

17. ledna. 2024, 4min. čtení

Prague-Kbely: A minor intervention brought a practical pedestrian and cyclist connection

With a minor intervention the city district of Prague 19 (Kbely) significantly improved the permeability of the locality. By removing…

10. ledna. 2024, 2min. čtení

Lítačka bicycle rentals increased by 25 percent in 2023

The capital city again experienced an increase in bicycle rentals with Lítačka last year. The number of bike rentals in…

08. ledna. 2024, 3min. čtení

Where will cycle paths or parks be created? Influence the construction of the high-speed railway in Prague

The Railway Administration (Správa železnic – SŽ) has launched a new portal, a interactive mental map that allows the public…

07. ledna. 2024, 3min. čtení

After reconstruction a new bridge in Sázava now has bike lanes

The Regional Road Administration and Maintenance of Central Bohemian Region has put a new bridge into operation, replacing the original…

05. ledna. 2024, 1min. čtení

Trutnov will introduce shared bicycles in the spring; a survey showed support amongst inhabitants

The thirty-thousand-strong town of Trutnov will join other Czech cities offering shared bicycles to people from next Spring. The municipality…

05. ledna. 2024, 4min. čtení
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Using a path for pedestrians and cyclists is not mandatory, decides the Supreme Administrative Court

The Supreme Administrative Court in Brno has addressed a long-debated question: Does the legally prescribed obligation to use a path…

03. ledna. 2024, 22min. čtení

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