The expansion of Šámalova Street in Brno is causing mixed reactions in the cycling community

The expansion of Šámalova Street in Brno and the modification of the tram track on Zábrdovická Street will last for…

17. června. 2024, 6min. čtení

News from the Prague Cycling Commission: April to June

We bring you regular news on the activities of the Prague Cycling Commission, the advisory body to the City Council.…

16. června. 2024, 14min. čtení
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Interview with the co-authors of the new Ostrava cycling concept

Ostrava has a new ambitious concept for the development of cycling transport. The city’s ambition is to increase the modal…

15. června. 2024, 12min. čtení

A new cycle path has connected Stará Bělá and Polanka nad Odrou, while frequent road crossings remain

A new cycle path has connected the Ostrava city districts of Stará Bělá and Polanka nad Odrou. It was opened…

12. června. 2024, 7min. čtení

Brno has added minimum requirements for bicycle parking to the city building regulations

Brno has set minimum requirements for the provision of bicycle parking in new buildings in its newly adopted city building…

09. června. 2024, 13min. čtení

Prague 8: Legalization of sidewalks and contraflow bike lanes along Střelničná near Ládví

Prague 8 has legalized cycling on the residential sidewalk along Střelničná Street. The low-cost adjustment allows people on bikes to…

08. června. 2024, 1min. čtení

Closure of the cyclepath near Napajedla continues to cause complications

The Directorate of Roads and Highways (ŘSD) is urging cyclists to respect the no-entry sign and avoid entering the construction…

07. června. 2024, 6min. čtení
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In Pictures: The World Bike Ride passed through Prague on Sunday

On Sunday afternoon, the World Bike Ride passed through the capital city. The event was organized by the AutoMat association…

06. června. 2024, 2min. čtení

Prague has opened a sidewalk with cycling connecting Labuť and Kačerov

Prague has completed the reconstruction of the sidewalk between the U Labutě stop and the Kačerov metro station in Prague…

05. června. 2024, 2min. čtení

Prague 22 has launched bike sharing, with the first 15 minutes free

The Prague 22 district has introduced bikesharing in Uhříněves, Pitkovice, and Hájek. This service on the southeastern edge of the…

04. června. 2024, 2min. čtení

Prague 7 has marked a contraflow bike lane on Skalecká Street

The Prague 7 district has marked a contraflow bike lane on Skalecká Street, enabling a better ascent towards Letenské sady.…

03. června. 2024, 1min. čtení

The sidewalk across the Havlíčkův Brod ring road will be retrospectively legalized

Last week we reported that the construction of the southeastern bypass of Havlíčkův Brod overlooked the realization of a cycle…

02. června. 2024, 4min. čtení

More new contraflow bike lanes in Prague

Spring, with its favorable climatic conditions, typically brings many changes in traffic signage. This year is no exception, and we…

30. května. 2024, 2min. čtení

There is high demand for shared bikes in Most, with 4,000 rentals in the first two weeks

The interest in shared bicycles in Most has exceeded expectations. In the first two weeks of April, there were 4,000…

29. května. 2024, 3min. čtení

The bridge on EuroVelo 4 in Karlovy Vary has been closed due to its critical condition, nine years after opening

The bridge on the international EuroVelo 4 cycle route in Karlovy Vary – Tašovice, constructed just nine years ago, has…

28. května. 2024, 5min. čtení

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