Brno concluded a successful season of free shared bikes

As of the last day of November, free rides on shared bikes in Brno have come to an end. Since…

12. prosince. 2023, 2min. čtení

Ostrava invested 160 million Czech crowns in cycling paths this year, making it the most Cyclist-Friendly City of the Year

Over the last six years, Ostrava has built 22.5 kilometers of new paths and cycle paths. The city has invested…

10. prosince. 2023, 5min. čtení
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Winter is here: People take matters into their own hands, sweeping the cycle paths

Snow has already covered the whole Czech Republic, along with many important cycling routes. Many people have left their bikes…

08. prosince. 2023, 9min. čtení

A new tram to Dědina: Cycling infrastructure

Over a month ago a new tram track was opened, primarily running along Vlastina Street from Divoká Šárka to the…

06. prosince. 2023, 5min. čtení

A cycling path has connected Štíty (Moravia) with the village of Březná

In the Olomouc region the town of Štíty has been connected with the village of Březná by a 750-meter-long path…

05. prosince. 2023, 1min. čtení

Žatec completed a cycling zone along the Ohře River

This year the city of Žatec completed the construction of a cycling zone along the backbone cycling route No. 6…

03. prosince. 2023, 2min. čtení

Record-breaking use of shared bikes in Přerov; city will expand the network of bike racks

The use of shared bikes in Přerov is, according to representatives of the city council, record-breaking compared to other cities.…

02. prosince. 2023, 5min. čtení

In Pictures: How the reconstruction of Na Florenci Street turned out

The city opened the renovated Na Florenci Street this week. The final touches, including new planting in Spring, will take…

01. prosince. 2023, 8min. čtení

In Čakovice, completion of a footbridge over the tracks and a kilometer of connecting paths is drawing near

Currently a new pedestrian and cycling connection is being completed in the northeast of Prague. The municipal district of Prague-Čakovice…

30. listopadu. 2023, 2min. čtení

Reconstruction in Roudnice nad Labem has brought cycling and greenery together

The reconstruction of streets in Roudnice nad Labem has showcased how to incorporate infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, and cars into…

29. listopadu. 2023, 4min. čtení

In Jihlava, the marking of bike lanes continues

The city of Jihlava has made progress in marking additional bike lanes on main streets in the city center. At…

28. listopadu. 2023, 2min. čtení

Prague will get its third bike depot. It will be located in Zahradní Město

Praha 10, in collaboration with the city council, the Technical Road Administration (TSK), and the company PowerHUB, is preparing a…

26. listopadu. 2023, 3min. čtení

Prague has the first bike footrest in front of the traffic lights

Deputy Mayor for Transport Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) today informed on social media about the installation of the first footrest for…

25. listopadu. 2023, 3min. čtení

What are the city districts planning: Prague 19

It’s been a year since the municipal elections, and we are asking the Prague councilors for transportation from Prague 1…

24. listopadu. 2023, 5min. čtení

The Ministry is finalizing building regulations; bike storage rooms for apartments will not be mandatory

The Ministry for Regional Development (MMR) is finalizing a building ordinance that will come into effect in the Czech Republic…

23. listopadu. 2023, 5min. čtení

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