The Shared Bike System in Pardubice gets canceled; Nextbike could not agree with the city

Nextbike, the shared bikes operator, will withdraw its 150 bikes from Pardubice at the beginning of May. Bikesharing in one…

04. května. 2024, 3min. čtení

Prague City Council introduced its cycling plans for 2024

Today, Prague City Council, with the participation of Deputy Mayor for Transport Zdeněk Hřib, the Chair of Prague’s Cycling Commission…

03. května. 2024, 5min. čtení

Cycling Pearls: the Šumperk Pine Detour

From time to time, we take a look at the peculiarities, unique features, or other interesting tidbits of cycling measures…

02. května. 2024, 3min. čtení

Pelhřimov has opened its longest cycle path, along the Bělá River

On April 13th, Pelhřimov ceremoniously opened a new path for pedestrians and cyclists to the village of Pavlov. It was…

29. dubna. 2024, 4min. čtení

Holešovice: A new part of cycle route A1 was opened in the U Vody park

This week, a section of the newly constructed U Vody park in Prague 7 was opened. It includes the left-bank…

24. dubna. 2024, 2min. čtení

The Bike to Work challenge starts in just two weeks

Only a few last days remain until the start of the traditional May challenge „Bike to Work,“ [in Czech: ‚Do…

22. dubna. 2024, 2min. čtení

The intersection of Žitná and Štěpánská was renovated, adding a bike lane

The municipality renovated the traffic light intersection of Žitná and Štěpánská streets at the border between Prague 1 and 2.…

22. dubna. 2024, 2min. čtení

The puddle under Libeň Bridge got patched up. It didn’t help

For a very long time, after a bit of rain, there was a large puddle at the underpass of Libeň…

20. dubna. 2024, 1min. čtení

Prague proposes to postpone the construction of the Vršovice Rail Promenade, also cutting other projects

This year, the city plans to significantly cut the budget for pedestrian and bicycle transportation. And the cuts will not…

18. dubna. 2024, 8min. čtení

Cyclist, get off the bike on the path in Podolí. Again

During the construction of the Dvorecký Bridge in Prague’s Podolí, the main cycling route A2 has once again been interrupted.…

16. dubna. 2024, 3min. čtení
How to, Inspiration,

8 steps to organizing a School Bike Bus

Enumerating the advantages of cycling to school here would probably be preaching to the choir. So, I’ll get straight to…

15. dubna. 2024, 6min. čtení

Brno 2024: Where will bike paths and lanes be created?

In Brno, several bike paths are expected to be created this year and next year, facilitating cyclists‘ movement along some…

14. dubna. 2024, 3min. čtení

Shared bikes are now also available in Most. What is the infrastructure there like?

On April 8th, a shared bike system was launched in Most. A total of 100 shared bikes are available at…

13. dubna. 2024, 3min. čtení

Cyclists will be able to pay in bike towers in Central Bohemia with Lítačka

Cyclists will be able to pay for bike parking in bike towers in the Central Bohemian Region with PID Lítačka.…

10. dubna. 2024, 3min. čtení

How many cyclepaths will Prague gain in 2024?

The construction season is slowly starting, and the question arises how many new paths and cyclepaths 2024 will bring to…

06. dubna. 2024, 4min. čtení

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Vizualizace tras Do práce na kole v Liberci

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