Olomouc plans to repair an important transport artery, including provisions for bike lanes

Olomouc city hall plans to reconstruct Palackého and Litovelská streets, and Míru Avenue, which include tram tracks. The repair of…

31. března. 2024, 3min. čtení

The cyclepath from Kralupy to Zákolany was completed. The route still has some shortcomings

After five years a network of paths for pedestrians and cyclists has been completed, connecting Minice near Kralupy nad Vltavou,…

29. března. 2024, 5min. čtení

Vratislav Filler: News from the March Cycling Commission

Reports from the [Prague] cycling commission are not interesting when things go smoothly. That’s why I’ve omitted my slightly satirical…

27. března. 2024, 17min. čtení

The Brno cycling survey runs until May; the city wants suggestions for the new cycling strategy

As we previously reported in a brief news piece, at the beginning of March Brno city management launched a cycling…

26. března. 2024, 4min. čtení

The traffic light barrier in front of Vyšehrad will no longer slow down cyclists

The traffic light in front of the Vyšehrad cliff prevents car queues forming in the tunnel and slowing down tram…

25. března. 2024, 1min. čtení

A new pedestrian and cycling link between Kunratice and Zelené údolí

In Kunratice, a pedestrian and cycling path connecting the Zelené údolí housing estate and the center of the Prague-Kunratice district…

21. března. 2024, 2min. čtení

Metro D: Krč Station and cycling transport

How will the largest Prague transport construction of the decade (not) consider cycling traffic? After a longer silence, we’ll look…

19. března. 2024, 4min. čtení

Prague: The sidewalk between Kunratice and Libuší is now legal to use on a bike

Along Dobronická Street, which connects the districts of Kunratice and Libuš, riding bikes on the sidewalk has been legalized. This…

17. března. 2024, 2min. čtení
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Smíchov Terminal: What novelties will it (not) bring to cycling traffic?

The reconstruction of Smíchov railway station into a new transport terminal was officially launched in the past weeks. This significant…

15. března. 2024, 16min. čtení

Watch out, cyclist! A commentary by Daniel Münich

Yesterday, something rather unpleasant happened to me. As a member of the National Economic Council of the Government (NERV) and…

12. března. 2024, 4min. čtení2

Tachovské náměstí: Significant bike route intersection in Žižkov underwent reconstruction

In December 2023 Tachovské náměstí in Prague’s Žižkov was opened to the public in its new form. The reconstruction of…

10. března. 2024, 5min. čtení

The Hradec Králové Region will allocate four million Czech crowns to support shared bikes

The Hradec Králové Region has a new grant program to support sustainable mobility through a shared bike service. Through it,…

08. března. 2024, 3min. čtení

Hradec Králové has completed the cycle path to the DTJ area, including the entrance from Jungmannova

The city of Hradec Králové has completed the construction of a road to the DTJ tennis center in the Pražské…

06. března. 2024, 3min. čtení

Shared bikes will return to the streets of Přerov from March, last year there was high demand

Once again, 140 shared bikes are returning to the streets of Přerov. People could rent bicycles this way for the…

04. března. 2024, 3min. čtení

The Budějovice railway station is missing bike racks after reconstruction. Minister promises additions

In České Budějovice the reconstructed train station building was opened at the beginning of February. Bicycle parking, which was already…

02. března. 2024, 4min. čtení

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